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Memphis Crying, Kentucky Sweating

Like most college basketball/Duke basketball fans, I was not surprised to wake up to the news that the Memphis basketball team is under investigation for infractions during their Final Four season. You remember that fantastic team that coach John Calipari had, with freshmen star Derrick …

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Thoughts On "Johnny Drama"

No, not the lovable brother of Vincent Chase.  John Wall, the recruit who actually made ESPN start follow recruiting, unfortunately. Now that Duke fans have moved on for what captivated us for two months, and ran the risk of keeping us guessing for a few …

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NCAA Finally Gets Something Right

With everything going on in the sports world and especially recruiting, you might have missed what is a huge story in the college basketball world. The NCAA announced that next year the deadline for college players to withdraw from the draft would be moved from …

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Bad Reporting By…..

…..The New York Post This column has something that Duke fans will actually like to see.  Lenn Robbins (the writer) lists the teams to watch out for next season.  He  says that Henderson comes back (his opinion, so thats fine) and Paulus is addition by …

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How SWEET It Is!!!

Everyone in Duke nation didn’t think it would be easy to get to the Sweet Sixteen with Texas in the way.  They are big, and they matched up well with Duke in most positions.  The one factor that put Duke over the top?  They simply …

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