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Don't Be Scared of #1

For the first time since JJ Redick and Shelden Williams walked the court of Cameron, Duke is the #1 in the nation.  Even though the last two years had been disappointing with early exits, most Duke fans seem to be skiddish of this ranking.  I …

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Well That Was Fun

Sometimes you have those great games.  When everything goes right for you, and nothing goes right for your opponent.  This is the exact description of the game Saturday between Duke and Maryland.  Usually a tight contest between two rivals who have no love lose, this …

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"Escape" With A Blow Out Win?

That is what last nights game felt like.  For most of the game Duke played pathetic against NC State.  Even in the second half when Duke was putting some offense together, NC State would answer keeping the lead.  Then Duke added just enough defense to …

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Happy Days For The Blue Devils

ACC Play started out in a fantastic way for Duke and its fans.  First, North Carolina fell at home to Boston College.  Then Duke used an unbelievable defensive effort to coast by Virginia Tech.  After the smoke cleared Duke jumped UNC in the latest polls …

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