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Duke vs Wake Forest Post Game Review

Where do I begin? This was a typical Duke vs Wake Forest matchup. There were crazy officiating calls (After further review it is 3rd down.) There were odd plays in the game. One where Jela Duncan could have  walked into the endzone if it wasn’t for the helmet rule that blew ...

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Replacing Duke’s Other Legend

Many people have asked who might replace Mike Krzyzewski when he retires. It’s an important question and one that no one can answer just yet. But there’s another man that might prove to be nearly as irreplaceable. He also sits on the sidelines. You can find him behind a microphone ...

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Duke Will Win as a Team in 2012-2013

It didn’t take much understanding of basketball to know that there was something seriously off about the 2011-2012 Duke Basketball team. They had talent, they had Mike Krzyzewski, they had one of the top recruits in the incoming class; the Blue Devils seemed on top of the world but by the ...

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Another Blue Devil Podcast Episode #9

On this episode of Another Blue Devil Podcast, Mike and I talk about the Duke vs. FIU game, the upcoming Stanford game, and a variety of other nonsensical things. We use Skype to do the podcast, however, around the 16 minute mark, Mike’s audio drops out briefly. Be patient as his ...

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Hey Duke Fans, Its Football Season

The Duke Football team just wrapped up its first game and guess what fans, the season ain’t over yet. Not to sound too much like Yogi Berra, but most fans of the Blue Devils Football team, even those who stick out the game from start to finish, usually have given up hope ...

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