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Seth Curry Goes Undrafted in 2013 NBA Draft

Seth CurrySeth Curry was the only man left standing without a new uniform on Thursday night as the former Duke guard was left undrafted after the 2013 NBA Draft. Curry was not included in the second round of any of the major talent evaluators’ mock drafts, despite being one of the best players in the ACC last season.

Curry finished his career as one of the finest perimeter scorers in college basketball and, despite lingering leg injuries and limited practice time, was consistently one of the best players on the floor for Mike Krzyzewski as the Blue Devils made their run to the Elite Eight. Curry averaged 17.5 points per game and shot 43.8 percent from three-point land as a senior.

Curry began his college career as an unheralded recruit before becoming the nation’s leading scorer at Liberty. Much like his brother, Stephen, it was the belief that Curry was too small to compete at the highest level of college basketball.

However, unlike Stephen, Curry took the next step by transferring from Liberty to Duke and sat out during the 2009-10 season, helping push the players in practice that would eventually win the national championship. In three seasons at Duke, Curry scored 1,394 points and made a whopping 42 percent of his three-point field goals.

Curry will now settle into the uncertain world of undrafted free agency. This could include a stint in the NBA D-League or perhaps a stay in Europe where he can develop the sort of primary ball-handler skills that have made his brother such a successful NBA player.

Either way, I’m sure we have not heard the last of Seth Curry.

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Jimmy is the editor-in-chief for Duke Report. He was previously the lead writer for his own Duke blog, Devils in Durham, before joining Duke Report. You can also find his work on Rush the Court's ACC microsite. You can find him on Twitter at @jimmykelley_.

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3 Comments » for Seth Curry Goes Undrafted in 2013 NBA Draft
  1. Lynn Smith says:

    I’m thinking this could be to Seth’s benefit. Now, the ball is in his court and he has more control over where he goes and what he wants to do versus being drafted by a team he didn’t want or relocate somewhere he doesn’t want to be. Thinking positive here! He is such a great player and a joy to watch!!!! Go Duke!

    • Dogg Man says:

      That aint how the league works. Only the TOP PLAYERS actually have say on where they go. Everyone else is just hoping that their agent can find them a roster spot and at least a multi year deal.

  2. Rudy says:

    No worries, Seth. You have the LAST word on YOUR success. Stay focused and follow your dreams, buddy.

    LETS GO DUKE !!!

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