Saturday , February 13 2016
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Ken is a contributing writer for He runs his own site at You can also find him on Twitter at @TobaccoRdMayor.

UNC: Stuck In Their Own Tar


For many years UNC enjoyed the fruits of success in athletics. A respected school whose unofficial motto was “The Carolina Way”. A saying that implied doing things in the intended manner that was expected, well deserving athletes who were relied upon and counted on to …

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Mayor’s Court: Let the March Madness Begin

It’s that time of year, what we as basketball fans live and die for March Madness. When College hoops will reach it’s boiling point. Where someone’s dream is fulfilled, and where hearts are broken. Where Dawg’s and Cats bite and scratch, Birds and Fish will …

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Replacing Duke’s Other Legend

Many people have asked who might replace Mike Krzyzewski when he retires. It’s an important question and one that no one can answer just yet. But there’s another man that might prove to be nearly as irreplaceable. He also sits on the sidelines. You can …

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