Saturday , April 18 2015
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Duke Poised to Take No. 1 Spot But Should They?

Based on what I’ve seen, I’m not sure Duke is the best team in the country. If I had a vote I would, wait for it, vote Miami as the nation’s best team.

Yes the same Miami that has been non-factor since entering the ACC has quickly become the best team not only in the conference, but right now they certainly look like one of the best, if not the best teams in the country. Most voters are creatures of habit though so there are probably only some slim hopes that the Hurricanes would move up from No. 8 to No.1, but after the carnage in the Top 10 this week it is still possibly.

Duke, the current No.4 team, won its game this week, an impressive victory, at least for one half, at home against NC State. It looks like they may be the prime candidate to take the spot that is likely to be vacated after Indiana lost, Florida lost and Michigan lost, all teams above the Blue Devils in the rankings. ¬†Still if you asked me who was playing the best basketball right now I wouldn’t say it was Duke.

The Blue Devils have started to show serious signs of turning things around. They have not been particular good or consistent since losing Ryan Kelly in early January and after having won 15 games in a row with him, they were at one point 1-2 without him. Duke hasn’t lost since they were manhandled by Miami, the team I feel is the best in the country right now. A team that didn’t just beat Duke to a pulp, but also just did it to the Blue Devils arch rivals, North Carolina.

A good many Blue Devil fans are probably expecting Duke to be the new No. 1, but is that really what you want? The last several No. 1 teams haven’t fared particularly well losing within one or two games of taking over the top spot. Indiana has held the spot a couple times, Michigan has held it, and so has Louisville.

Aside from Duke holding the spot for about four straight weeks from December to early in January, no teams has held the No. 1 spot for consecutive weeks since then. At this point it may be a spot that is cursed or it simply shows that all that talk of parity in NCAA Basketball really is true.

If you look at the teams and how they are playing is anyone more equipped and playing better right now than Miami? Duke is playing better but are they playing the best?

So when the new rankings come out on Monday and if Duke wins on Sunday night against Boston College as most expected them to do, I won’t be surprised if Duke moves up to the No. 1 spot. They will have certainly earned the spot winning 4 straight including convincing victories over Florida State on the road and against NC State at home. But I still think there is no more convincing No. 1 team based on how they’ve played for nearly the last two months than Miami.