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Is Jabari Parker the Leader for National Player of the Year?

jabari parkerOne of the hottest debates in all of sports is who is the Most Valuable Player (or in college basketball’s case, National Player of the Year). There has been a lot of talk that Jabari Parker is not only the leading contender for National Freshmen of the Year, but for National Player of the Year as well.

There are always many different reasons why a player is chosen. For example, in the NFL right now, you can make the case for Peyton Manning as MVP. But what do you base that on? Is it because statistically he’s having one of the best seasons ever? Is it because he’s putting up those numbers and his team has one of the best records in the NFL?

Does what a team’s record is matter when determining Player of the Year? Last year in the ACC, Erick Green was named ACC Player of the Year, even though his team went 13-19 overall and 4-14 in the ACC.  He did lead the nation in scoring with 25 points per game.  Green was only the second player chosen as ACC Player of the Year while his team had a losing record (Len Bias was the other).

Is there a perfect formula one can create to determine the Player of the Year in college basketball? Possibly not, but that isn’t stopping us from trying.

We have chosen the following 10 categories we feel are important in determining who should be Player of the Year. We’ve chosen six players to compare, and each is awarded points (on a scale of 1-10) based on where they rank to the others in the list. For example,  if a player is first in points they receive 10 points, if they are third they receive 8 points. Their cumulative score will be out of 100. If you are unfamiliar with the stats, we have provided glossary at the end of the article.

With that, here is a breakdown of players, in order from highest score to lowest:

[table id=51 /]

As you can see, at the current moment, Doug McDermott is the leader for National Player of the Year. He was a lot of people’s pre-season National Player of the Year pick.

Do you agree with the results? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter!

Glossary of Terms

  • PTS40
    Points Per 40 Minutes
  • PER
    Player Efficiency Rating (PER) – Strives to measure a player’s per-minute performance, while adjusting for pace.
  • FLR%
    Ratio of scoring possessions to total possessions – Think of it as the percentage of possessions that result in a point being scored.
  • TO %
    Turnover Percentage – How often does the player turn the ball over
  • eFG%
    Effective Field Goal Percentage – Field Goal percentage adjusted for the added value of three-pointers by counting them as 1.5 field goals. For 3-pt shooters, this is a more fair measurement than raw FG%.
  • ORtg
    Offensive Rating – An estimate of points produced per 100 possessions.
  • DRtg
    Defensive Rating – An estimate of points allowed per 100 possessions.
  • Roland
    Roland – Difference in how the team plays with the player on court versus performance with the player off court (higher the number, the better).
  • WS
    Win Shares – An estimate of the number of wins contributed by a player due to his offense and defense.
  • Record
    Team’s Record