Tuesday , April 28 2015
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Quinn Cook: Stats Don’t Lie

Less than a month ago, Duke fans were curious who would be their starting point guard.  No clear cut winner in sight, Quinn Cook and Tyler Thornton battled back and forth at each chance they got.  Once the ball dropped on the new season, Quinn Cook took the lead and never looked back.  Playing better and better in each game with an MVP performance in the Bahamas, the job is his!  He earned it out right!

Last year Quinn Cook played a combined 387 minutes in averaging 11.7 per game.  Injured, he was never able to put together a full body of work and truly contend for the starting job (only starting four games all season).  Throughout the campaign he showed glimpses of pure genius and led for many to beg for him to steal the job.  While he didn’t have a terrible year, he only broke double digits in scoring once throughout conference play.  As everyone else kept getting better, he appeared to struggle.  In a visible stalemate, he just couldn’t step up his game and get more minutes.

What a difference a year makes!  In just six games he is averaging 30.7 minutes per game.  A true testament to his off-season growth, healing, and work ethic he has transformed into Duke’s newest on court leader.  No, he is not Mason Plumlee, Ryan Kelly, or Seth Curry but his role is quickly growing.

Cook is not only contributing, he is leading.  He has the teams best 3 point field goal percentage average and is second on the team in total FG percent.  Furthermore, he has 33 assists this year, a number twice that of Tyler Thornton.

One thing that this Duke team needs is a solid point guard.  Quinn Cook does not have to be Jay Williams.  This Duke team is not set up to dominate you with a great point guard.  They are built to be a big team.  One that will slow down the game and dominate you in the half court by size, strength, intelligence, and game planning.

Last year’s ending was extremely heart breaking.  Duke haters came out of the wood work to tell everyone how bad they were.  The Haterade flowed for months but suddenly those people are quiet as this Duke team is suddenly scary.  If Duke can get a win over Ohio State on Wednesday, then they will have everyone’s attention and they will have theWolf Pack, Heels, and Noles shaking!