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2009 Recruiting Heating Up

While we were all busy watching our Blue Devils bring home a championship, the recruiting trail has been put into full force. The Blue Devils now have three scholarship offers out to players.

Their are two players that our true juniors this year, and are in the class of 2009. First, Reeves Nelson, who Duke has had an offer out to for awhile. Nelson is a junior PF from Modesto, CA. He has a long list of potential choices, including Duke , UNC, Arizona, Georgetown, UCLA, Texas, and a few others. As you can see Nelson has a choice between some of the top colleges in the nation. Of course, he is just a junior and his list is a long time from being cut down. But this looks to be one of Duke’s highest priorities, of course because of the need for power down low. This is going to be a very interesting recruiting battle, with some of the best coaches after him. Next up, is Erik Murphy, who is a PF, SF from Massachusetts. Duke offered him a scholarship within the last week. Murphy is a solid player, but looks to be a backup to Nelson who is the more polished player.(Think of Olek Czyz and Greg Monroe) Murphy has recently cut his list to seven, which includes Duke, Boston College, UCONN, Florida, Marquette, Ohio State, and Virginia. As you can see another tough list of some of the best.

The other scholarship that Duke has out is for John Riek. Duke has been after him for awhile, and the reason there isn’t much press is because of the unusually situation. Riek is a graduate from a high school is Africa. However, he is playing high school ball in Winchendon, MA. Riek could of signed with a college team this early signing period. However, he is going to wait till the spring. This is where is gets murky. Riek will be eligible for the NBA draft is June because of his age. Therefore he doesn’t have to sign a letter of intent in the spring, totally bypassing college all together. No one really knows what will happen, but everyone should pay attention as the story unfolds. Riek has a list of four including Duke, UCONN, Florida, and Georgetown.

I feel that the next scholarship offer will be going to one of the top prospects in the 2009 class. Kenny Boynton is a SG from Plantation, FL. Duke has been keeping a close eye on him for awhile, and looks to be the next offer for the Blue Devils. From at comments about his game it seems that he is a little better version of Elliot Williams.

As the season goes on and the Blue Devils keep improving, always be sure to go to There you will be able to keep up with all the recruiting, and everyday basketball happens surrounding the Duke basketball team.

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2 Comments » for 2009 Recruiting Heating Up
  1. Mike McLeod says:

    We do need a big man. Reeves would be a good choice. Riek will probably spend one year in college. I’m not sure Coach K would bite on that though. Boynton is a lock, count on it.

  2. slimtim says:


    Duke has had Riek pinned for awhile on their board. However, I don’t think anyone will get him. Most likely he will go to the NBA camps, and probably jump to the NBA. We definitely have a focus with Murphy and Reeves.(BIG MAN BIG MAN BIG MAN) I love the confidence with Boynton!!!

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