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FanTake: The Man Behind the Scenes – Jose Fonseca

Want to know who I think is the 2nd most important person on the Duke bench behind Coach K? If you asked me I would say it’s Jose Fonseca. Jose is the Athletic Trainer for the Duke Men’s Basketball team.

I know from my own personal experience when I played sports that there was always two people who I knew where they were located at when I looked to the bench. It was my coach and my trainer. My coach to give me instruction, and my trainer for when I did get hurt to give me treatment.

I have been to several games at Cameron Indoor Stadium as well as have attended several practices over the years. Watching games on TV don’t always give you that inside look at what is happening at a game besides what is on the court. Let me tell you there are people working behind the scenes at Cameron before, during, and after games. Jose is one of them.

I remember a practice I attended a couple years back where one of the players had a minor injury during a play and headed straight to the bench to get treatment from Jose. I was a couple rows back and was able to see how quickly the player was given help. I have seen games where a player gets hurt on the court and when that timeout is called, the player heads straight to see Jose at the end of the bench. These are just a couple examples of seeing him at work.

All of us remember what happened to Kyrie Irving’s toe in late 2011. Jose was one of those people who were working behind the scenes with Irving to help him recover and return to basketball at the appropriate time.

The main point of this short article is to show that there are so many people in the Duke Basketball program who are working behind the scenes to ensure the success Duke Basketball had, is having, and will have. Jose is a vital part to the success of the program. I personally have had the opportunity to chat with him as well. From that chat I could tell not only is he great at what he does but a great person as well. We never want injuries to happen to the players. But if they do, I know we have the best cut man (trainer) in men’s basketball!

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