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Duke Basketball: Why all the Foot Injuries?

It is generally accepted that, in order of frequency, the most common competitive basketball injuries are ankle sprains, finger jams, muscle sprains/pulled muscles, overuse injuries such as tendonitis, eye injuries, and knee injuries. I’m not sure exactly where broken foot

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FanTake: Duke Basketball Fan Blue Laws

I was scrolling through my Twitter Feed the other day and ran across a post by Coach Capel. The post contained a quote from Coach K (and a corresponding picture) detailing the five fundamental qualities that make teams great. These

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Exploring the Myth of The Duke Kid

There are all kinds of myths in college basketball and especially when it comes to Duke Basketball. Whether it be that Duke gets all the calls, flops all the time or even that Mike Krzyzewski is really some evil bully,

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Mason Plumlee Development Disproves Duke Big Man Stigma

Over the last 10 or so years a stigma has developed surrounding Duke Basketball, specifically its big men and how they develop in the program. With most stigmas there typically is little truth to them, but that doesn’t mean they

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FanTake: From Ace Parker to Lehigh, One Fan’s Story

I became interested in Duke Football back in 1936 when I was only eight years old, and a fanatical baseball and football fan. In those years, Duke was a national powerhouse on the gridiron, led by their all-American tailback, Ace

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FanTake: Dear Crazies, Fans, Players, and Coaches

Editor’s Note: This is the third in hopefully many more FanTakes. If you are interested in writing your own FanTake, please visit this link for more details. The opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the

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Video: Classic Duke Dunks

Check out this awesome video mix of some classic Duke dunks. Thanks to DBP for putting this together. By the way, Dahntay Jones’ monster dunk over Virginia’s Nick Vander Laan is included.

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You Are Looking Live At…

“You are looking live at Cameron Indoor Stadium.” Here’s some amazing raw footage from inside CIS, witnessing the final few moments of last nights’ game. Wow.

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