Bad Call, Bad Defense….Wake Wins

Even though it could have been a blowout, Duke was still there at the end.  Gerald Henderson took a tough shot, for most people anyway, and stuck it cold.  With the score tied, Wake ran down the floor missed two looks and Henderson grabbed the board that should have sent this game into overtime.  However, the ref saw something that I didn’t.  Henderson fell over a Wake player, which should be a foul.  Then had another Wake player grab for the ball, which should be a jump ball.  At the very least the buzzer should have sounded and went into overtime.  Instead a travel call.  Wake gets the ball with 2.6 seconds left, and manages Duke to look the other way, and Wake scores an easy bucket to win.

This was a battle of two elite college teams.  One seem to have the upper hand the entire game.  But two Duke stars lead the comeback charge.  They needed a little help at the end, but couldn’t find it.  It probably should have never Duke coming from behind, but terrible shooting lead them to it.  They had a chance to pull something incredible off, but instead will be another victim of the #1 team curse.  Either way this game shows that both these teams are final four contenders.  It also shows that the ACC championship won’t come easy for anyone.  You could say that Wake has the upper hand, however I don’t think Wake is thinking they found some secret way to beat Duke and the rest is theirs for the taking.  No Wake knows that they are one of many contenders for the crown.  They survived at home, and Duke should now be hungrier than ever.

Kyle Singler and Gerald Henderson had to carry this team in the second.  When it got out of hand and suddenly Duke was down by 13, I didn’t think we could come back.  However, Duke slowly crawled their way back and before you know it Henderson was taking that clutch shot to tie it.  You never want to lose, but if anything was won tonight it was a battle with themselves.  They know they belong among the elites, and they didn’t want anyone to question that.  In the end Duke loses on the road in the ACC on a last second shot.

Once again Jon Scheyer puts up double digit points, but you can clearly see that something is off.  He was 2-10 from the field and 1-7 from three.  Jon has to find his shot, and the ability to score.  I know it was tough going into the lane last night, but he is a great scorer and hasn’t been great in a long time.  He has played some of his worse basketball his entire career in the ACC this year.

Our answer in the paint was supposed to be Zoubek.  0 points, 2 rebounds, 0-3 shooting.  Even with all his improvement this year, he still doesn’t understand how to take it strong to the rim.  He usually gets it blocked more times than not.  Stop this finesse crap and just stuff that damn ball.

You are going to lose in the ACC.  No one goes undefeated (except 99 Duke).  So after a lose you have to get right back on the horse, and look ahead.  Last years lose at Wake put Duke in a spiral.  This year should be different.  I feel with Singler and Henderson leading the way Duke is a really good team.  And the role players just need to find themselves, before its too late.  Duke gets to go back home and play Virginia, before another tough road game against Clemson.  Its just another week in the ACC.

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3 Replies to “Bad Call, Bad Defense….Wake Wins”

  1. CleftClips says:

    Thanks for the great thoughts. How about some spelling and grammar check, though?

  2. Wannabecoach says:

    Maybe it is time for Scheyer to be put back into his last year’s role as the 6th man. He seemed more comfortable and motivated there. Then you could start McClure at small forward improving defense and allowing Singler, Henderson and Smith to be the 3 primary starting scorers. Bringing Scheyer, Paulus, Williams, Thomas and Plumlee [Pocius injured again?] off the bench brings depth and better scoring combinations. My sense is Scheyer is both tired and mentally down. K needs to use some of his psychology skills to get Scheyer out of his funk.

  3. Josh Colyer says:

    Coach K really needs to do something about Scheyer. He is defiantly off and is hurting the team. I think bringing him off the bench for a few games might do him well. However, I dont know who we can replace him with. Paulus? Zoubek?

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