Duke, ACC Tournament Thoughts

The first game of the ACC tournament is just a couple hours away, and on this first day most teams in the ACC will be fighting to keep their NCAA tournament hopes alive. The four top seeds who will start action tomorrow, it is another day to rest and also see who they will be matched up against. All of the bottom teams playing today, while may be viewed as inferior, are still quality teams. The ACC tournament always gives you great basketball with quality teams from top to bottom. Duke will of course be watching the game between Georgia Tech and Virginia, as the winner will play the Blue Devils tomorrow night. Virginia, who I picked to win, is the #10 seed. While their opponent, Georgia Tech, is the #7 seed. The reason I like Virginia is the Sean Singletary factor, and also Virginia is playing some good basketball right now. No matter which team wins, Duke will have their hands full.

An point worth mentioning is that Duke has not lost a game to any team on their side of the bracket. That said, this will not be a cake walk for Duke getting to Sunday. In their way are very solid teams including Virginia, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Boston College, and Clemson. If Duke wants to get to Sunday and have a chance to recapture the ACC tournament title, they will have to fight for it.

Duke got a much needed break after the Carolina lose, and should as fresh as they possibly could be. No excuses should be made about being tired. We have talked all year about Duke’s depth and how it will help them in March. Well now is the time for them to prove that we weren’t talking out of our ass. Every player is going to have to overcome any slump they might have been in. Be it Nolan and Taylor coming off the bench, Singler with his shooting woes, or Nelson putting his final game at Cameron behind him. Now is the time to show everyone what we are capable of. Now is the is the time to play the best basketball of the season.

I could talk about Duke’s chances of getting the number one seed in the East, which is still a possibility, but that has been talked about to death. Let whatever happen, happen. Duke just needs to focus game by game, and when it is time to celebrate they can celebrate. Right now the main concern should be Virginia or Georgia Tech.

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