Duke Suffers First ACC Loss

It was bound to happen. Duke was on cruise control, and it seemed like no one could stop them. However, this is the ACC and not everyone gets out totally unscathed.

Wake Forest was able to take advantage of Duke’s inabilitiy to make any type of offensive push, and just out-played them to get the upset. Definite hats off to they entire Wake Forest staff and team. This was an emotional win for them, and they definitely played like winners tonight.

Duke on the underhand, looked totally out of sync. Not once in the game could you think that this team was going to run away with it. And as the second half started winding down, any fan could tell that Duke was beaten before the final whistle blew. Speaking of whistles, I don’t think that I have ever seen a game where the entire starting line up fouled out of a game. I don’t think for one minute that refs cost Duke the game. However, Duke had a lot of bullshit called on them that was hard to figure out. I think the game as a whole from the opening tip was called terribly, and the refs really made the game drag on.

Three players were in double-figures for Duke. Nelson(18), Singler(17), and Smith(21). With numbers like those you would think Duke would have one this game handily. However, Duke’s other players Paulus(7), Henderson(6), and Thomas(4). These numbers speak volume as to the play Duke had on offense. No flow because of turnovers, and terrible shooting. 28.6% from the 3PT and 52% from FT. Absolutely unacceptable from a team that has championship’s on their minds.

Duke will have to right their ship quickly as another ACC road game in on the horizon. Miami will be hosting the Blue Devils on Wednesday. And you can bet the Hurricanes are chomping at the bit after seeing what Wake Forest did against Duke.

A loss hurts but of course they are going to happen. The most important thing is to learn from the loss. I think after the Pitt game, Duke stepped up to another level, and I hope the same is learned from this game. The only thing they can do is work harder and go into Miami and make a statement that Duke is still the best team in the ACC.

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