Duke Wins Second Straight ACC Road Game

It is hard to win on the road in the ACC, no matter who you play.  Apparently for Duke, it is even harder to make a basket.  For the second straight game on the road Duke won, but left little confidence in their shooting ability.

GT inside game was really playing well in the first ten minutes of the game.  Tech was controlling the play and Duke was still trying to find some kind of offense.  Tech then proceeded to turnover the ball many, many times.  And miss free throws by the dozen.  All these mistakes let Duke creep to the lead, and eventually hold on for the victory.  Late in the game when Duke needed to ice Tech, they were able to finally start making baskets.  However, the free throw shooting which has been horrible lately showed again to be a real challenge.  Duke shot 59%, which might work against a team like Tech, but will be a huge issue in a physical game like against Georgetown on Saturday.

The one player who seemed to have no trouble shooting the entire game was Gerald Henderson.  For the second straight game Henderson put up a terrific performance.  I can only remember one shot he probably shouldn’t have taken, but the rest of his play was magnificent.

Singler’s stat sheet was monstrous.  19 points and 14 boards is the kind of performance that gets you into All-American conversations.  However, his shooting was suspect as he went 2-8 from three and 5-11 from the free throw line.  For a versatile player that plays at the arc and the basket, these are troubling numbers.  I can take a bad three point shooting night every once in awhile, but he is missing many free throws at the front of the rim.  Usually this means you are worn out, but he sure doesn’t look like that when he is playing full speed.

The inside combo of Thomas and Zoubek didn’t play as well as I would of hoped.  They were really challenged with the skill of Tech’s front court, and seemed out of position many time on defense.  This is a problem, because on Saturday they will be facing one of the best big men in the country, Greg Monroe.  If there play isn’t any better, than Monroe can own the paint.  We all remember that Monroe was once a coveted prospect for Duke, and now we get a chance to see what our men can do against him.  We need inspired play from the front court if we hope to beat Georgetown.

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