Happy Days For The Blue Devils

ACC Play started out in a fantastic way for Duke and its fans.  First, North Carolina fell at home to Boston College.  Then Duke used an unbelievable defensive effort to coast by Virginia Tech.  After the smoke cleared Duke jumped UNC in the latest polls and it is now Duke #2 and UNC #3.

After the last two seasons all Duke fans know that rankings, specifically in January don’t matter.  However, we should all be glad Duke is playing as hard as anyone in the country.  One ESPN analyst made the comment several weeks ago, that Duke will have to be a team that “works harder than everyone else” if they want to go deep.

Right now there is one player that is working harder and producing better than anyone on the team.  Kyle Singler is the go to guy, and always seems to be in the heat of every play.  He opened ACC play with another fantastic game.  He is playing consistently at a high level, and seems to be making everyone else around him play harder also.  Scheyer, Smith, and Henderson all had solid double digit games.  Singler is second only to Hansborough, as far as ACC POTY goes, in my opinion and the gap isn’t as far as you would think.

The points put up might not impress you, but the points allowed will make your jaw drop.  44 points is all VT could muster, and only 13 in the second half.  No matter what team you are playing, in college basketball only allowing 13 points is down right amazing.  Seeing the defense play like this really makes you think how good this team is.  They are only giving up 60 ppg this year, and even though ACC play has just started it is a good stat to hang your hat on.

One of the most anticipated match ups of the year is Wednesday.  As Stephen Curry with be coming to Cameron for the first time since his coming out party at last years tournament.  The entire nation will be watching to see if Curry can lift them over a huge hurdle.  We have all seen him do it before.  Davidson will be a bigger test than VT, no doubt.  And Coach K will have his hands full coming up with the game plan to stop the “national darling”.  Should be a fun one(for one teams fans at least).

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