Poll: UNC Academic Scandal – Is McCants Truthful? Should Banners Come Down? & More

By now you have heard of Rashad McCants allegations that he took “sham classes” while at UNC. This does contradict what he said while he was at UNC, that it was like a jail. Maybe that was said during the semester that he would have been ruled academically ineligible because of his failing grades. We know from several different investigations that members of the men’s basketball team did take part in some of the “paper” classes, but we don’t know for sure exactly who was in it. So, in your opinion, is Rashad McCants telling the truth?

If you believe McCants is telling the truth, then that leads to more questions. UNC would have used academically ineligible players in games and championships. Typically (this is the NCAA we’re talking about), teams would have to forfeit all their games and any championships won. Provided you believe McCants, should UNC forfeit wins and championships for any players who took the “sham classes”?

Finally, McCants said Roy Williams knew about these classes and either steered players towards them, or pretended to look the other way, all the while knowing exactly what was going on. If Roy did know this and did nothing about it, should he be forced to resign or fired by the University?

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