"Step Back Folks, Nothing To See Here"

This is usually what you hear if you are standing around a murder scene.  Not totally unlike what happen to Duke last night at the hands of Clemson.  As the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons would say, “Worse Game Ever”.  27 points was the margin of victory.  And Duke could only muster 47 points in one of the worse efforts I have ever seen a Duke team come out with.  Not since 1998 (I was in the eighth grade) has a Duke team lost so bad.

There is simply no good points you can make out of this one.  Scratch that, Lance Thomas had a very solid game.  But everything else was embarrassing.  In the first half, it seemed like every possession was interrupted by a turnover and a Clemson basket.  Even when Duke wasn’t turning the ball over in the second, they would make a basket but then lay an egg on defense and Clemson would keep the margin over twenty.  Everything went right for Clemson.  Absolutely nothing went right for Duke.

Kyle Singler had one of the worse games I have ever seen for a star.  6 points, 5 turnovers, 4 fouls, and most of the turnovers in the first half were do to his inbounds passes against the press.  Nolan Smith had 3 points and 4 turnovers, and was the point guard of one of the worse Duke performances in recent memory.  Jon Scheyer just continued his poor play with another stinker.  Where are you Jon?  Please come back soon.  It is getting a little painful to watch you throw up shot after shot, with nothing to show for it.

What makes this loss so bad is that this isn’t a young team that is still trying to find themselves.  This team is supposed to be championship caliber.  Even on the road against a top ten team, a good team doesn’t get humiliated.  The way they played was not representative of Duke basketball.  They were beaten from the beginning tip, and Clemson never let them forget what was happen as they continued to poor it on.  With a few seconds left on the clock, the Duke players simply walked off the floor.

It is hard to take something like this, but that wasn’t the last game of the season.  Far from it in fact.  And even though the margin of victory was so high, it only counts as one lose.  And Duke is still at the top of the ACC along with Carolina.  The next few games are critical to how Duke will finish this season.  Will they crumble like the past couple years or will they regroup and get back the fire that they had against Maryland and Virginia?  A veteran, Coach K led team usually takes the latter approach.  However, I am going to have to see it to believe it.

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  1. If Duke can punch Miami in the mouth early then I think it could be a 20 point win for the Blue Devils. However, I think Miami is playing well enough to where that won’t happen. I look for Duke’s defense to put the game away late.


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