UNC: Stuck In Their Own Tar

For many years UNC enjoyed the fruits of success in athletics. A respected school whose unofficial motto was “The Carolina Way”. A saying that implied doing things in the intended manner that was expected, well deserving athletes who were relied upon and counted on to represent the schools reputation. And for many years this was in fact the case.

Oh how times have changed. Enter the likes of Marvin Austin, Greg Little, and Robert Quinn among numerous others that brought down the football program in disgrace. This cost, then Head Coach, Butch Davis his job and eventually or at least in part brought down the schools Chancellor Holden Thorpe and AD Dick Baddour. And if this wasn’t enough then comes Tamigate.

Tami Hansbrough, the mother of former North Carolina basketball All-America Tyler Hansbrough, resigned her comfortable position as a school fundraiser as the school found that she and Vice Chancellor for university advancement Matt Kupec were taking ill-advised trips together on the schools dime and were romantically involved.

At some point you have to think school administers, or the powers that be would would get a clue, but no…..

Then comes (AFAM) Julius Nyang’oro who chaired the African studies program was accused of being just a little too cozy with the Athletic Dept. It was reported that members of the academic support staff offered Nyang’oro football tickets, plus a chance to watch a game from the sidelines. One counselor offered to discuss athletes’ coursework over drinks, and even rumors that Nyang’oro negotiated with another about scheduling a no-show class…ugly, ugly stuff.

But now the once untouchable and above reproach basketball team, is being drug begrudgingly, tooth and nail, through the Tar…pit.

After what seemed to be, even to the most simplest of minds, such as myself, that the mistakes made by UNC in their handling of the already mentioned scandals that at some point they would wise up and realize it’s time to right the ship by taking action to say to the public that enough is enough and here’s what were going to do…then do it

Instead of saying nothing while the media, Twitter, and any other social network this side of Pinterest decides it for them in the matter of public opinion. To wait too long or say nothing is a huge public relations mistake in light of this ongoing series of scandals at UNC.

You could say the buck stops with the new Chancellor, or the AD, and technically that would be correct, but Roy Williams has the power to put an end to any basketball related business at UNC. Joe Paterno was admonished in the media with not doing more to stop a child molester, and rightfully so, and I’m not comparing what’s going on at UNC with what happened at Penn St., but Roy can end this today by doing the right thing.

He (Roy) can end all the negative public sentiment and media induced speculation that surrounds the UNC basketball team today by taking the right steps. Otherwise the Tar on your Heel’s will forever emit a foul and distinct odor.