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TOC Was Playground For Duke Recruits

As always, Bob Gibbons Tournament Of Champions took place with some of the top high school talent in America in attendance.  Duke recruits and commits had very successful trips to the triangle.

Mason Plumlee, the only commit in the 09 class so far, was a big story all weekend.  Plumlee has been getting more and more exposure since committing to Duke, and is starting to seem like a possible McD’s All-American next year.  Much has been made about his little man skills at the height of 6’10”.  Mason has been saying recently that his main concern is getting stronger before he gets to Duke.  And with a whole year to work, I am really looking forward to see what he looks like in fall 09.

The other focus for Duke fans was the play of AAU teammates Kenny Boynton and Brandon Knight.

Boynton is one of the top players in the 09 class and has had a Duke scholarship offer for awhile now.  Along with Knight, a 2010 recruit, they put on a show at the triangle and made Duke fans even hungrier to see them in a Blue Devils uniform.  Many fans seem to think that Boynton is Duke’s player to lose.  However, we have learned in the past years to never get your hopes up until the ink is dry on the paper.

Hearing about what these three players did in the TOC this past weekend, makes you excited to see what Duke could be in the next few years.  There were also many other players playing that are on the Duke radar, and the amount of talent in high school in the coming years is really outstanding.  Duke looks good going into next year.  However, it could be even better in the next few years.