Vote for the Top 5 Most Hated Tar Heels

Here at Duke Report, we share your love for hating that light blue school 8 miles down the road. Hate is a strong word, but when dealing with the Tar Heels, it’s justified.

What we want to know is, who do you hate the most? Thanks to those on Twitter, we narrowed down the list from, well every single Tar Heel in history, to 25 players.

You can pick up to 5 of your most hated Tar Heels here. We’ll compile the submissions and reveal the Top 5 one by one starting on Mon., July 29th. Also feel free to explain why you hate them. The best reasons will be included when we reveal each player.

Deadline for voting is Sat., July 27th. Voting can commence here.


The results are in: Top 5 Most Hated Tar Heels


  1. #5) Too pretty for his own good plus he is still a Duke Hater
    #4) JR Reid
    #3) Eric Montross
    #2) King Rice
    #1) Jeff Mcinnis – AN ARROGANT BUTT HOLE!

  2. #5) Was Rick Fox ……. when ever he is on a telecast he always throw hate Duke’s way.

  3. Tyler Hansborough hands down. Had he played for Duke, he would have been the most despised player in Duke history.