Yet Another Duke vs Carolina Preview

As if you haven’t read enough about this game, I thought I would give you something else to spend your work time with.

For sports fans all around the country, they will be torn between watching Lost or Duke vs North Carolina.  Most of them will probably chose the latter.  However, ever single fan that bleeds two very different shades of blue will be waiting the whole day for one of the most anticipated games of the year.

Duke comes in with a odd few weeks.  This is their third Wednesday night game against a top ranked opponent in a row.  The last two were on the road and were losses.  In between those games were two blowouts and a game that featured one of the best 25 minutes of basketball I have seen.  But whatever momentum one team might have over the other it doesn’t matter.  Both these teams are national championship contenders, and at the top of the ACC.  Duke vs North Carolina is simply better and bigger when both teams are at their best.

In a little over 14 hours one school will be at the top of the ACC.  One school will get the covited “braggin rights”.  Until March that is.

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