2014 NBA Draft Lottery: Who Has the Best Shot to Draft Jabari Parker?

The NBA Draft Lottery takes place tomorrow night, Tuesday May 20th at 8pm ET on ESPN.

If you are unfamiliar with the Draft Lottery, here is a quick primer and a behind-the-scenes video:

  • Each team that does not make the playoffs is considered a “lottery team.”
  • The teams are each assigned a certain amount of four digit combinations based on how poor their record was. For example, the Milwaukee Bucks will be assigned 250 combinations because they had the worst record of the teams in the lottery. The Phoenix Suns, who had the best record of the lottery teams will be assigned 5 combinations.
  • In a secure room, they draw combinations for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pick.
  • The remaining teams are then seeded in order of their final record, worst to best.
  • If a team, for example, the Cleveland Cavaliers (projected to get the #9 pick), slide into the top 3 and knock out one of the teams projected to finish in the Top 3 (let’s say the Philadelphia 76ers projected to receive the #2 pick) then that team would receive the #4 pick.

Here is a behind-the-scenes video on the Draft Lottery process:


The list of teams in the 2014 NBA Draft Lottery and their chances at receiving the #1 pick:

  • Milwaukee Bucks – 25%
  • Philadelphia 76ers – 19.9%
  • Orlando Magic – 15.6%
  • Utah Jazz – 10.4%
  • Boston Celtics – 10.3%
  • Los Angeles Lakers – 6.3%
  • Sacramento Kings – 4.3%
  • Detroit Pistons – 2.8%
  • Cleveland Cavaliers – 1.7%
  • New Orleans Pelicans – 1.1%
  • Denver Nuggets – 0.8%
  • Orlando Magic – 0.7%
  • Minnesota Timberwolves – 0.6%
  • Phoenix Suns – 0.5%

Duke fans will want to pay particular interest to tonight’s lottery with Jabari Parker currently going #2 overall to the 76ers according to DraftExpress.com. The Detroit Pistons’ pick could possibly go to the Charlotte Hornets if they land outside the Top 8. If that happens, Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer has tweeted that there is mutual interest between the Hornets and Rodney Hood:

Should be an exciting evening. Imagine if the Lakers and/or the Celtics were to slip into the Top 3 picks. Believe there may be a draft conspiracy theory (or 12) if that happened.

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