2014 NBA Mock Draft – Duke Basketball Edition

With the NBA Draft this Thurs. night, the Duke Report team predicted each first round pick. Participating in this year’s mock draft are Taylor from TaylorMadeThoughts.com, David Aldridge, and myself.

We randomized the order and took turns picking for our selected teams. Taylor “won” the first pick, David the second, and myself the third. We’ll also give our thoughts on the pro prospects for Andre Dawkins.

Agree or disagree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below!

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Andre Dawkins
Taylor – I think Dawkins’ three point shooting ability gives him the chance to be drafted somewhere in the late second round by a team that needs to add some outside shooting. Players who are very good in one area of the game can be effective role players off the bench, and valuable assets to a winning team. That said, despite Andre having overcome a lot during his time at Duke, he is still a one dimensional player, and that one dimension (shooting) is often inconsistent. When he’s hot he’s on fire, sometimes draining 5+ three pointers in what is often twenty-five minutes or less of playing time. The problem is that the opposite is also true. As good as he is when he is “on” he is just as bad when he’s not, and other then shooting, Dawkins doesn’t usually contribute much else on the court (ball handling, driving, rebounding, defense, creating etc).  Because of this I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up not getting drafted, though I believe there is a possibility a team picks him up purely for his perimeter shooting ability, which is always a hot commodity in the NBA.

David – As much as I liked watching Andre during his time at Duke, I don’t see a team being willing to use a pick to get him in this year’s draft. It’s one of the deepest draft classes in recent memory and while Dawkins is an explosive scorer, he was also one of the most inconsistent scorers I’ve ever seen. Taking a guy who had a tendency to disappear for a few weeks out of the season isn’t something I see an NBA GM doing this year. However, I fully expect Andre to sign a contract with a team after the draft and at least get a shot at making a roster through the summer league.

Chris – Andre definitely has the talent to get drafted in the second round. This is the round when most GMs will use the pick on a senior who wont’ get a guaranteed contract. He was inconsistent at times at Duke, so the key will be his workouts. If he has been able to show he can knock down the 3 consistently in workouts, especially in 3-on-3, then that will help him overcome the games he disappeared at Duke. Teams that are in desperate need of a 3 point shooter will look long and hard at him. No matter what, you will see Andre in the NBA Summer League which runs July 5-21.

Final Thoughts
Taylor – This draft is definitely one of the stronger drafts in recent memory. Any of the consensus top 3 picks (Wiggins, Parker, Embiid) could be lock number one picks in previous weaker drafts, and all three are the type of players that have to potential to develop into the face of a franchise, and future multiple year all stars. The rest of the top 10-15 picks are also very strong, with players like Dante Exum, Julius Randle, Marcus Smart, Aaron Gordon, Noah Vonleh and Doug McDermott  (and many others) forming a very capable group with a lot of NBA potential. Being a Duke fan it is bitter sweet to be losing Jabari Parker to the draft, but one has to be happy seeing Parker fulfill his NBA dreams, and it is a positive for Duke in the recruiting area for them to have another player get drafted in the top ten (the other recent players being Kyrie Irving at #1 in 2011 and Austin Rivers at #10 in 2012).

David – There’s no denying that this draft class is loaded with talent, but I think people are still making too much out of the immediate impact the draft can have. To me, there are still major questions surrounding all of the top picks. Andrew Wiggins was rarely dominant and assertive during his one season at Kansas. Joel Embiid’s health should make any team nervous. And Jabari Parker will need to work hard to not be a defensive liability. While teams will certainly improve with the picks they make in this draft, I suspect we’ll see the same collection of teams competing for lottery picks again next season.

Chris – This draft is definitely full of talent, so much so that you’ll still get good value into the second round. These players won’t be talking a Cavs/Bucks/76ers team to the playoffs next season because those teams are just that bad. But the players added will be very valuable and will be a centerpiece for years to come. We may not see another draft with this much depth (players who could have careers of 10+ years in the league) for a long time so we’ll need to sit back and enjoy it.

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