Duke in the NBA Schedule for 2018-19

The NBA released the full schedule for the 2018-19 season. Duke (as of 8/10/18) will have 22 former Blue Devils on NBA rosters for this season:

You can click on the link for each team above to see their individual schedule for this coming season. We’ve also put together a list of all the nationally televised games featuring Duke alumni squaring off against each other:

Tues. Oct. 16th8 PM76ers @ CelticsTNT
Tues. Oct. 16th10:30 PMThunder @ WarriorsTNT
Thurs. Oct. 18th8 PMBulls @ 76ersTNT
Thurs. Oct. 18th10:30 PMLakers @ Trail BlazersTNT
Fri. Oct. 19th10:30 PMWarriors @ JazzESPN
Tues. Oct. 23rd7 PM76ers @ PistonsNBA TV
Thurs. Oct. 25th8 PMCeltics @ ThunderTNT
Thurs. Oct. 25th10:30 PMNuggets @ LakersTNT
Fri. Oct. 26th7:30 PMWarriors @ KnicksNBA TV
Fri. Oct. 26th10 PMWizards @ KingsNBA TV
Mon. Oct. 29th8 PMLakers @ TimberwolvesNBA TV
Fri. Nov. 2nd10:30 PMTimberwolves @ WarriorsESPN
Mon. Nov. 5th8 PMPelicans @ ThunderNBA TV
Wed. Nov. 7th10:30 PMTimberwolves @ LakersESPN
Fri. Nov. 9th9:30 PMCeltics @ JazzESPN
Tues. Nov. 13th10:30 PMHawks @ WarriorsNBA TV
Wed. Nov. 14th8 PMPelicans @ TimberwolvesESPN
Wed. Nov. 14th10:30 PMTrail Blazers @ LakersESPN
Sat. Nov. 17th7:30 PMJazz @ CelticsNBA TV
Wed. Nov. 19th10 PMThunder @ KingsNBA TV
Tues. Nov. 20th7:30 PMTrail Blazers @ KnicksNBA TV
Wed. Nov. 21st10:30 PMThunder @ WarriorsESPN
Fri. Nov. 23rd10:30 PMJazz @ LakersNBA TV
Tues. Nov. 27th9 PMLakers @ NuggetsNBA TV
Wed. Nov. 28th7 PMKnicks @ 76ersNBA TV
Fri. Nov. 30th10:30 PMNuggets @ Trail BlazersESPN
Sat. Dec. 1st8 PMCeltics @ TimberwolvesNBA TV
Mon. Dec. 3rd7 PMThunder @ PistonsNBA TV
Thurs. Dec. 6th8 PMKnicks @ CelticsTNT
Fri. Dec. 7th7 PM76ers @ PistonsESPN
Mon. Dec. 10th7:30 PMPelicans @ CelticsNBA TV
Mon. Dec. 10th10:30 PMHeat @ LakersNBA TV
Wed. Dec. 12th8 PMThunder @ PelicansESPN
Fri. Dec. 14th10 PMThunder @ NuggetsESPN
Wed. Dec. 19th10 PMThunder @ KingsNBA TV
Fri. Dec. 21st10:30 PMPelicans @ LakersESPN
Tues. Dec. 25th5:30PM76ers @ CelticsABC
Tues. Dec. 25th8 PMLakers @ WarriorsESPN
Tues. Dec. 25th10:30 PMTrail Blazers @ JazzESPN
Thurs. Dec. 27th10:30 PM76ers @ JazzTNT
Sat. Dec. 29th10 PMWarriors @ Trail BlazersNBA TV
Wed. Jan. 2nd8 PMTimberwolves @ CelticsESPN
Wed. Jan. 2nd10:30 PMThunder @ LakersESPN
Fri. Jan. 4th8 PMWizards @ HeatESPN
Fri. Jan. 4th10:30 PMThunder @ Trail BlazersESPN
Tues. Jan. 8th8 PMTimberwolves @ ThunderNBA TV
Tues. Jan. 8th10:30 PMKnicks @ WarriorsNBA TV
Wed. Jan. 9th10:30 PMPistons @ LakersESPN
Thurs. Jan. 10th7 PMCeltics @ HeatTNT
Fri. Jan. 11th10 PMLakers @ JazzESPN
Tues. Jan. 15th7 PMTimberwolves @ 76ersNBA TV
Tues. Jan. 15th10:30 PMBulls @ LakersNBA TV
Wed. Jan. 16th10:30 PMPelicans @ WarriorsESPN
Thurs. Jan. 17th3 PMKnicks @ WizardsNBA TV
Thurs. Jan. 17th9:30 PMLakers @ ThunderTNT
Fri. Jan. 18th10:30 PMPelicans @ Trail BlazersESPN
Sat. Jan. 19th3:30 PMThunder @ 76ersABC
Mon. Jan. 21st12:30 PMThunder @ KnicksNBA TV
Mon. Jan. 21st10:30 PMWarriors @ LakersTNT
Tues. Jan. 22nd8 PMTrail Blazers @ ThunderNBA TV
Wed. Jan. 23rd10:30 PMNuggets @ JazzESPN
Thurs. Jan. 24th8 PMWarriors @ WizardsTNT
Thurs. Jan. 24th10:30 PMTimberwolves @ LakersTNT
Sat. Jan. 26th8:30 PMWarriors @ CelticsABC
Tues. Jan. 29th10:30 PM76ers @ LakersTNT
Wed. Jan. 30th10:30 PMJazz @ Trail BlazersESPN
Thurs. Jan. 31st10:30 PM76ers @ WarriorsTNT
Fri. Feb. 1st7:30 PMCeltics @ KnicksESPN
Sat. Feb. 2nd8:30 PMLakers @ WarriorsABC
Sun. Feb. 3rd2 PMThunder @ CelticsABC
Tues. Feb. 5th10:30 PMHeat @ Trail BlazersTNT
Thurs. Feb. 7th8 PMLakers @ CelticsTNT
Fri. Feb. 8th7 PMNuggets @ 76ersESPN
Fri. Feb. 8th9:30 PMTimberwolves @ PelicansESPN
Sun. Feb. 10th3:30 PMLakers @ 76ersABC
Sun. Feb. 10th8:30 PMHeat @ WarriorsNBA TV
Mon. Feb. 11th7 PMWizards @ PistonsNBA TV
Tues. Feb. 12th8 PMCeltics @ 76ersTNT
Tues. Feb. 12th10:30 PMJazz @ WarriorsTNT
Thurs. Feb. 14th8 PMThunder @ PelicansTNT
Fri. Feb. 22nd9:30 PMJazz @ ThunderESPN
Mon. Feb. 25th8 PM76ers @ PelicansNBA TV
Tues. Feb. 26th10:30 PMThunder @ NuggetsTNT
Wed. Feb. 27th10:30 PMPelicans @ LakersESPN
Thurs. Feb. 28th9:30 PM76ers @ ThunderTNT
Fri. Mar. 1st8 PMWizards @ CelticsESPN
Sat. Mar. 2nd8:30 PMWarriors @ 76ersABC
Tues. Mar. 5th10:30 PMCeltics @ WarriorsTNT
Wed. Mar. 6th8 PM76ers @ BullsESPN
Wed. Mar. 6th10:30 PMNuggets @ LakersESPN
Thurs. Mar. 7th10:30 PMThunder @ Trail BlazersTNT
Fri. Mar. 8th10:30 PMNuggets @ WarriorsESPN
Sat. Mar. 9th8:30 PMCeltics @ LakersABC
Sun. Mar. 10th6 PMPelicans @ HawksNBA TV
Wed. Mar. 13th7 PMPistons @ HeatESPN
Fri. Mar. 15th7 PMLakers @ PistonsNBA TV
Sat. Mar. 16th8:30 PMWarriors @ ThunderABC
Wed. Mar. 20th7 PMCeltics @ 76ersESPN
Thurs. Mar. 21st7 PMNuggets @ WizardsNBA TV
Sat. Mar. 23rd7:30 PM76ers @ HawksNBA TV
Sat. Mar. 23rd10 PMPistons @ Trail BlazersNBA TV
Tues. Mar. 26th10:30 PMWizards @ LakersTNT
Wed. Mar. 27th10:30 PMLakers @ JazzESPN
Sat. Mar. 30th8 PM76ers @ TimberwolvesNBA TV
Sun. Mar. 31st8 PMWizards @ NuggetsNBA TV
Mon. Apr. 1st7:30 PMHeat @ CelticsNBA TV
Tues. Apr. 2nd8 PMLakers @ ThunderTNT
Tues. Apr. 2nd10:30 PMNuggets @ WarriorsTNT
Wed. Apr. 3rd7:30 PMCeltics @ HeatNBA TV
Thurs. Apr. 4th10:30 PMWarriors @ LakersTNT
Fri. Apr. 5th10:30 PMTrail Blazers @ NuggetsESPN
Sat. Apr. 6th8 PM76ers @ BullsNBA TV
Sun. Apr. 7th3:30 PMThunder @ TimberwolvesABC
Tues. Apr. 9th7 PMCeltics @ WizardsTNT
Wed. Apr. 10th10:30 PMTimberwolves @ NuggetsESPN

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