Why Duke MUST Hire Christian Laettner

The other day we posted a poll on if you would want Christian Laettner on the Duke Coaching Staff. Make sure to check the poll out and vote.

There’s no argument that most of Duke Nation would want Laettner, one of the greatest college basketball players in history, on the sidelines as one of Coach K’s assistant coaches. There are a few fans that don’t think he would necessarily be a good fit. They feel his attitude would not go over well and that Coach K wouldn’t be able to control him. Others were unhappy with this tweet he sent out after Duke’s opening round loss to Mercer:

His attitude and what he tweeted are exactly why Duke SHOULD hire him. Let’s face it. In the past decade, aside from Nolan Smith, Duke has gotten soft. They don’t always play with the fire and passion you expect from Duke Basketball. Laettner can be a fresh voice to help instill that fire in the players. He can be the one to help develop leaders the team desperately needs on the court.

He can also develop our big men. How often have fans lamented that our bigs were coached by former point guards? He would be the perfect coach to work with Plumlee, Jefferson, and especially Jahlil Okafor.

Laettner would bring even more name and brand recognition to Duke Basketball (if that was even possible). He is ALMOST as famous as Coach K. You see “The Shot” at least hundred times every March because it is the greatest moment in college basketball history.

As far as the concern of his attitude and Coach K being able to control him…many must forget he did that during Laettner’s career at Duke. Christian had his moments, but Coach K always kept him reigned in just enough. Laettner would also have too much respect for Coach K to try and upstage or embarrass him on the sidelines. There would be an adjustment period, but Laettner would settle in nicely on the sidelines.

Duke likes to hire former players as assistants. Do the right thing and bring Laettner home. The future of Duke Basketball could very well depend on it.


  1. Well if not Laettner than perhaps Elton Brand or Shane Battier would consider coming back to Duke. They both are really nothing more than reserve players in the NBA just hanging in there. No idea what Cherokee Parks or Erik Meek are up to these days. But I def think they need a big man to come back. With Capel (who i think will be the heir apparent to Coach K), Nate James and Jon Sheyer they have enough Guard type players.

  2. Shelden Williams would be cool too.

  3. It is going to be Jay Williams.

  4. As far as fundamentals of a big man, Elton Brand would be a great fit for Duke’s post play. Laettner, though would bring a toughness to not only the bigs but the whole team. I look at him as being the ultimate college winner and would Duke could only benefit from having him. Bring him in!

  5. L8 might be a little too abrasive to recruit and coach this generation of entitled players. Though his brand of arrogance, toughness and desire to win is sadly lacking in the program lately. We need more attitude, but with class, of course.

  6. Perhaps Paulus?