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Interview with Ed Isaacson of NBA Draft Blog

I had the opportunity to email Ed Isaacson (@nbadraftblog) of NBADraftBlog.com.  With the Draft Lottery taking place tonight, I wanted to get his thoughts about Blue Devils in this year’s draft, future NBA prospects currently at Duke, and his thoughts on why Coach K doesn’t produce NBA “Superstars.”  Make sure to give Ed a follow on Twitter!


Which team would be the best team for each of the Duke players to land? Not just for money or playoffs, but would best fit their skills and allow them to maximize their potential?

It’s tough to pick individual teams with so many in flux this time of year, but it easy to pick the kind of system which would fit best. Mason Plumlee would work best with an up-tempo system which would allow him room to crash the offensive boards and use his athleticism to get to the basket. Both Seth Curry and Ryan Kelly would work best in halfcourt systems with a strong low post presence where they can set up as spot-shooters. This would be the best way for all 3 to get court time.


Looking at the current Duke roster for next year, Jabari Parker will obviously get the most attention from NBA scouts. Who else do you think NBA scouts are keeping their eye on?

Rasheed Sulaimon’s athleticism, and his shooting when he is consistent, got him plenty of attention this year and that should grow next season. Matt Jones and Semi Ojeleye are likely 3-year minimum players, but they are definitely worth tracking. Quinn Cook will also be of interest to see how he builds on this past season.


Coach K, even though Duke is among the leaders in total number of players from one school and total money earned in the NBA, often is criticized for not producing “top” NBA talent or superstars? Why is that?

The NBA is primarily a superstar-driven league and that is where Duke has lacked in comparison to the number of players they have sent. Coach K develops players that every team needs, but few of them are the stars of their team. Smart people look at how his players contribute once they get to the league and he and Duke will always be near the top of that list.