Poll: Who Will Have A Better NBA Career – Jabari Parker or Rodney Hood?

The deadline to declare for the 2014 NBA Draft has come and gone. Jabari Parker and Rodney Hood both submitted their names to the NBA.

The last time Duke had two players with the potential to be selected in the lottery, you’d have to go back to 2006 when Shelden Williams was selected 5th overall by the Atlanta Hawks, while Redick was selected 11th by the Orlando Magic. Williams bounced around the league for a few years before going overseas, while Redick has been in high demand for his shooting, and surprisingly his steady defense.

Even though Williams was selected six spots higher than Redick, J.J. has clearly had the better NBA career.

Jabari Parker is currently projected to go in the Top 4 picks of this year’s draft, while Hood’s projected to go anywhere from 12-22 depending on which mock draft you look at. With how Williams and Redick’s careers have turned out, we wondered who would have the better NBA career, Jabari Parker or Rodney Hood? Parker will be a higher pick, but Hood has a greater chance of making a playoff team.

Make sure to vote below and let us know who you think will have the better pro career.