Who is your favorite Blue Devil of the Coach K Era?

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Countdown to Craziness takes place this week, and the 2015 college basketball season officially kicks off only a few weeks later.

Over the years, we have all had our favorite Duke Basketball player, each of them from different teams, years, but one thing is true about all of them. They were recruited and coached by the legendary Mike Krzyzewski.

Here at Duke Report, we wanted to know who fans would pick as the favorite Blue Devil of the Coach K Era. Could it be big names like Christian Laettner? Grant Hill? Or could it be someone who wasn’t a star, but gave everything they had such as assistant coach Jeff Capel? Brian Zoubek?

We have selected over 30 players who will face off in a March Madness style tournament to decide. Unfortunately we couldn’t select everyone, but we wanted to pick a diverse group of players.

Each week we will reveal the players for their particular decade. You will pick your favorite player between each match up…not necessarily the better player, but the Blue Devil you like more.

Favorite Blue Devil

Who is your favorite Blue Devil of Coach K’s era?

The winner will be announced on Sat. Jan 2nd during Duke’s opening ACC game against Boston College.

Make sure to click the solid circles at the bottom of the poll so that you vote in each one of the four first round match ups.

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