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WATCH: J.J. Redick on “Garbage Time” Podcast

Katie Nolan talks about her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live (2:50 mark), and chats with LA Clippers guard, JJ Redick about being the first NBA player with his own podcast (8:25), his favorite episodes so far (12:10), his dream guests (15:20), his watch collecting hobby (16:50), being hated during his Duke career (22:10), how he was “sort of a prick” during his time there (23:40), the most clever JJ-bashing he noticed (28:35), whether he bought into his critics when he entered the NBA (31:30), what really went down the night DeAndre Jordan resigned with the Clippers (34:30), his contribution to that night’s Emoji War (36:50), whether there’s a disconnect between Chris Paul and his teammates (38:40), the Blake Griffin-Equipment Manager fight (39:55), how the team dealt with Chris and Blake’s injuries during the Portland series (42:45), who will win the NBA Championship (45:20), and who deserved to win MVP (46:55). Plus, pretzel power rankings in this week’s #JunkMail (52:30).