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2014 Center Jahlil Okafor

Jahlil Okafor is, by many recruiting services, the #1 overall player in the 2014 Class. He definitely is the #1 center. He’s 6’10” 265lbs and attends Whitney Young High School in Chicago, IL.

When I first heard about Jahlil a few years ago, and watched some of his mixtapes, he in a lot of ways reminded me of “The Landlord” Shelden Williams with his back-to-the-basket game and defense. I went back and watched his most recent highlights and I must say the player he really makes me think of now is Kevin Garnett.

Both are similar in stature (Garnett is 6’11” 250lbs). Garnett definitely has more of a permitter game than Okafor, but down low and on the fast break their games are almost mirror images of each other.

Okfar would give Duke a dominant big man that, until this past season, it had been missing since the days of The Landlord. Based on various articles/tweets, it seems as though Okafor and Jabari Parker have a close relationship which could be one thing that keeps Parker at Duke for more than a season. Those two alone would be a major force for not only the ACC, but all of college basketball to reckon with.