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2014 Duke Commit Grayson Allen

By now you all know that Grayson Allen, combo guard in the class of 2014 has committed to play at Duke University. He’s 6’4″ and about 185lbs.

I recently asked Jason Jordan of USA Today whose game Allen’s reminded him of. He said Rex. Only one Rex I know and that’s Rex Chapman. Even as an original Hornets fan, it was not a name I was expecting. I wanted to take a look at old highlight’s of Rex and I must say I think Jason was spot on:

Like the earlier comparison of Elijah Thomas and Elton Brand, Allen’s and Chapman’s measurements are dead on (both 6’4″ 185lbs…well Rex in his playing days).

Both are extremely athletic, can drive as well as shoot the three, oh and can throw down some monstrous dunks.

Chapman was the number 8 overall pick by the Charlotte Hornets in the 1988 NBA Draft, played 12 years in the league and earned over $22 million during his career in a time when salaries were not what they were today (for example: Chapman made $675,000 his rookie year. This year the #8 pick will make around $2.2 million their rookie year).

I expect big things from Allen at Duke. I think he is the perfect combo guard for their system and is a hybrid of Gerald Henderson and JJ Redick, as he can slash as well as shoot the three ball.