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2015 C Stephen Zimmerman

Stephen Zimmerman is a 7′ Center who attends Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas, NV.

For a lot of people the first person that comes to mind when trying to compare Zimmerman is Dirk Nowitzski. I think Zimmerman’s is a bit more athletic and versatile than Dirk’s (Dirk is obviously a Hall of Famer so this isn’t a slight to him).

Zimmerman is a force on both ends of the floor, can dribble, can pass, can shoot outside…basically can seem to do everything.

While he has taken a lot of heat since signing with Miami, Chris Bosh is ultimately who Stephen reminds me of.

Both can do a lot of everything offensively and defensively. While Zimmerman is currently only 225, I see him adding another 10-15 lbs of music to wisthand the grind of not only the high school game, but college as well.

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