2016 PF Javin DeLaurier Commits to Duke

Justise Winslow Duke

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The Duke basketball program picked up a commitment from Javin DeLaurier on Sunday, adding another great player to the 2016 recruiting class.

DeLaurier is a 6’9″, 205-pound 4-star power forward from Charlottesville, Va., who plays for St. Anne’s Belfield School.

He’s listed in the 247Sports Composite as the No. 12 power forward in the 2016 class and is viewed as a guy who has the potential to develop as a four-year player at Duke, particularly as a defender and rebounder.

The Blue Devils closed quickly with the recruitment of DeLaurier and made him a big priority over the past few weeks. After offering him a scholarship during an in-home visit a few weeks ago, Coach K and his staff worked to get DeLaurier to move up his on-campus visit.

During his time in Durham over the weekend, DeLaurier made the decision to join Duke’s 2016 recruiting class. He becomes the third member of the class, joining 5-star recruits Jayson Tatum and Frank Jackson.

The Blue Devils are also still pursuing the No. 1 ranked player in the 2016 class, Harry Giles, as well as 5-star targets Wenyen Gabriel and Marques Bolden.

Congratulations to Javin on becoming a future member of the Duke family. The Duke recruiting train keeps rolling!

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David Aldridge

David Aldridge

David has been a die hard fan of Duke Basketball since the 1990's, when Coach K and the Blue Devils slapped the floor and made their way into his heart. During his playing days, David perfected his role on his basketball team as being the guy who would hold everyone on the bench back after a teammate would make a clutch shot. He once played N.C. State legend David Thompson in a game of H-O-R-S-E. David won.

8 Replies to “2016 PF Javin DeLaurier Commits to Duke”

  1. BillW51 says:

    Wow Duke recruited Javin out of UVAs backyard.  I hope he sticks with his decision.

  2. MikeCollins4 says:

    I like that Duke is recruiting players that will be there for four years so that, over time, they can provide veteran leadership to the revolving door of one year talented players…  we don’t win it all without Amile last year and we wouldn’t have won the previous championship without Lance…  those kind of players are priceless.

  3. patowens2423 says:

    MikeCollins4 Totally agree with your assessment Mike.  As great as it is to get the Okafor’s and Winslow’s of the world it is equally as important to develop those longer term guys like Jefferson, Cook, etc..  I think K has figured out the formula for success with these differing players and you’re seeing it now in who they are recruiting.  I watched some highlight video’s of this kid last night and he looks like he’s going to be a great role player and everything i’ve read about him says he has a non-stop motor.  Welcome to Duke Javin!

  4. Rob Mac says:

    This guy signing, Duke landing next years point guard… All this is at a speed that will make ones head spin. This is all great on paper, but none of it will matter if there’s little chemistry. The 15 team was special in ways that I wonder if we really understand. It apparently was made better by subtraction. That’s not the case for this upcoming season and then signing guys that still have at least a yr left in high school. K has his work cut out with so much talent, and while you have to have talent, chemistry is a close second. We will have to wait and see but I’ll hold out judgement until March on how good Duke will be.

  5. Rob Mac says:

    I’m not buying this logic that Duke is recruiting some guys to stay whole careers there. Maybe but I think the only reason they stay now days is simply they’re not good enough to leave early. It’s not their leadership that’s valuable, it’s the fact they know their role. Amile, Lance and so on with all title teams players, everyone knew their role and their limitations.

  6. MikeCollins4 says:

    Rob Mac I agree that the decision to stay or go is 99% based on daft position (or getting drafted at all) but I think there are different levels of certainty or potential of a one and done depending on the player–Okafor was going to be a OAD and Coach K said that from the beginning and Winslow was highly likely while  T. Jones was a likely returner going into the season and then he turned into the best clutch player in the country and his stock kept rising at the right time.  Nobody thought Allen would go and he didn’t just as Jefferson, M. Jones and Plumlee came back as expected.  Also it is not a new trend under K but he’s lost players recently that decided to transfer like Murphy, Semi and MG.

    I think last year was a great example of mixing what you and I both said.  Cook accepted his new role on the team as the second guard rather than his lifelong position running the point.  He yielded to the younger T. Jones but remained the unquestioned leader of that team.  It was the meshing of that new talent with that veteran leadership that began the process of creating that chemistry that you, rightly, pointed out as being of the upmost importance.  Certain players have different roles and Cook’s went beyond his skill set.  And leadership doesn’t necessarily show itself during the game–practices are incredibly important and vets like Jefferson will help guide incomers like Jeter on how to properly play post defense and rebounding on both sides.   Further, would a more talented freshmen be able to hop off the bench when the superior player goes down in foul trouble and defend one of the best offensive players in the nation when the title is on the line?  Possibly, but I’m glad we were able to turn to Jefferson to stifle Frank during a good stretch of those last 12-13 minutes of the championship.

    I do, however, understand and respect your perspective on this.  And you might be right–Coach K could just be looking for roll players to plug in around the talent.  I agree with that notion but I do think that he values hard working veterans…  how else did J. Hairston get so much playing time 🙂

    One thing we definitely agree on is that neither of us are counting wins over the next two years like many fans are.  I hope that these kids coming in can have the same humble approach that last year’s freshmen did.  If so, then we’re in for another great year.  If they step on campus as if they have little to learn and don’t mold into a true TEAM then we’ll have a short March.  Most of this comes down to the kind of kids the staff is recruiting.  Not all talented high school players deserve the Blue Devil uniform.

    One more thing we can agree on–Go Duke!!!

  7. Rob Mac says:

    Mike, the major problem I have is there is no here and now with these kids. Duke won title in April, we lost 4 total players, and quickly added Ingram and Thornton. I get how it is with recruitment process where staff has to stay on top of current roster and projections for seasons down the road, but that also to me is creating a log jam. I’m probably wrong because K has forgotten more than I know but it’s like we are not getting to enjoy who we have at this moment. Also it makes me wonder if these kids are looking over their shoulder at who staff is signing and where they will fit. Think about roster for this upcoming season: we have a lot of options and I hope that it’s not too many. K has never been one to go too deep into his bench, and someone always gets left out. I believe that’s what happened to Sulaimon and many others before him. Time will tell but as an armchair coach I worry about teams ability to mesh together but that’s why K gets paid the big bucks.

  8. MikeCollins4 says:

    Rob Mac I have those same concerns and I don’t see it getting any better until the NBA changes the age requirements and I’m not holding my breath on that.  In years (decades) past, these top tier guys would go straight to the pros and it was somewhat frowned upon to take a guy that was guaranteed to move on after just one year (I remember people not wanting Kobe Bryant for that reason).  What I miss most about those days were the impressions that players made on their program.  Even though I never knew any of them, I felt a connection then that I do not now.  And not just Duke players, I enjoyed the match ups with UNC and Maryland more because there was a history with the players whereas now it’s just a history with the schools.

    And you’re right about not being able to bask in the glow of a Championship because rebuilding begun before the nets were cut down.  The worry was that we were going to go from having two great point guards to a talented team with nobody to run it.  It used to be that the recruits committed well before the end of the college season leaving nothing to wonder or be concerned about.  And it was usually just a player or two to make up for the graduating seniors.  But now many of the kids wait until they see who’s leaving for the NBA before making their college decisions.  It certainly takes away from the enjoyment for me.

    There will definitely be a player or two left out of the mix this year because, as you stated, K doesn’t go deep.  Our post is made up of Plumlee, Jefferson, Jeter, Obi and Vrank and K likes to play some small ball which takes away even more minutes for the bigs.  And the backcourt is going to be a jam too.  After the title, it was hard to imagine Jones and Allen not starting this year but for that to happen, Duke has to play small by sliding the skinny Ingram into the power forward spot.  That could be the point of contention that disrupts the chemistry…  if they go small, the chemistry issues could fester amongst the bigs.  Regardless of which way he plays them, there are 11 players on the roster (including preferred walk-on Davidson) and Coach K will play 8 for much of the season and only 7 in big games if he stays true to history.  We’ll see how they come together.

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