A Sign that Marques Bolden is Headed to Kentucky?

Photo: Brian Spurlock-USATSI

Photo: Brian Spurlock-USATSI

Late this afternoon, Adam Rowe and Andrew Slater of BlueDevilLair.com and 247Sports.com changed their Crystal Ball pick from Duke to Kentucky, in regards to Marques Bolden. They had previously been real high on Bolden to Duke.

Adam and Andrew are highly respected and connected when it comes to Duke Basketball recruiting. If they make a change it’s because of solid information that they have recently come across.

So it seems that a Bolden announcement is imminent. Regardless, it seems clear that Bolden is really having a tough time deciding which school to attend.

Stay tuned…

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6 Replies to “A Sign that Marques Bolden is Headed to Kentucky?”

  1. kem197552 says:

    What I think is so stupid about him going to Kentucky is his lack of playing time , they will not win a national title next year and at Duke he will start at center , win a national title and be one and done along with at least two of his team mates as well as Grayson Allen . Why would you NOT want to be the starting center on a team with Giles and Tatum and Jackson ? Kentucky just sells the NBA and doesn’t do it on the court. Calipari is a great recruiter but not the best coach. He needs to rethink his decision.

  2. EricSmith11 says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. One and dones will not be remembered not much or go down in history in the record books. National titles will. Why not play for the best Coach in college BB and the winningest.

  3. MikeCollins4 says:

    kem197552 – I’d be surprised if this kid is a one-and-done talent–He didn’t start in either of the HS All American games I watched him play in and his play was just OK–certainly not dominant and there weren’t that many good bigs out there but Allen looked far better than him.  I know those games don’t  cater to the bigs so I take it with a grain but still compare his performances to past bigs in those same kind of games.

    Also, he may start at Duke or Jefferson may get the nod as a Sr that was having a big year prior to his injuries.  Either way, Jefferson is still going to get some big minutes, along with Giles, that will cut into the post minutes and FGA plus we know how K likes to go small ball for stretches and Bolden will sit before Giles does.  If he goes to UK, there is are ton of bigs but Calipari does spread the minutes around…  even if he starts ahead of Humphries, SKJ, Tai and possibly Lee (didn’t get invited by the NBA to the workouts and my return) those guys will still take some of his minutes too.  Basically, I could see him getting similar minutes at whichever school he picks which would be anywhere from 18-26 minutes per game based on his play.

    As far as the coaching and the potential of next year’s team, Duke all the way.

    Let’s say you’re right and I’m wrong about him being a OAD…  we’d lose Giles, Tatum, Bolden to the NBA–might lose Allen and Jackson too and Jones and Jefferson will graduate. That could potentially mean that Kennard would be the only returning player that has made any kind of contribution.  If Bolden comes to Duke then Jeter rides the pine…  personally, it wouldn’t bother me a bit to see Jeter as the back-up to Giles and Jefferson to prepare for a larger role in the following season to give us at least two returners.

    I like him as a great insurance policy if Jefferson or Giles can’t stay healthy but worry about losing Jeter if they get him–this team should be in good contention with or without him.

  4. EricSmith11 says:

    @MikeCollins4, I couldn’t agree more. I think if Bolden goes to Duke . I think Jeter should play behind Giles and I said it before. Why? Because he is mobile like a PF than a Center. Jeter could also play backup to Tatum, but hardly doubt it. I think Bolden is waiting on Lee, but also to see what school Allen commits to. Which Allen has Kentucky on his list. Seems like Bolden is waiting to see how it all plays out.

  5. MikeCollins4 says:

    EricSmith11 – Yeah, it looks like he’s heavily favoring UK but is waiting on whether Lee stays in the draft or not–nothing will change at Duke and Jefferson’s redshirt was an expected formality.  I think UK needs Lee to leave to free up a scholarship but they have ways of working things out…  that could be what Allen is waiting on too but that’s just a guess as I haven’t really followed his recruitment (he’s a lot more college ready looking than Bolden).

    Jeter is the 9th placer (with Bolden) for a coach that is reluctant to go 8 deep so I don’t see him playing a lick unless there’s an injury.  I miss the days of watching guys develop and hope he sticks it out to have good Jr and Sr seasons.  That’s what gives me mixed emotions about whether I even want Bolden to play for Duke.

  6. kem197552 says:

    I do have those same emotions. Maybe he will opt for someone other than the two. Dak seems unreal to me , so with Duke getting the other kid from Australia , makes me hope Dak comes also. He looks far better to me than Bolden now.

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