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Future Dukies Shine In Miami

The McDonalds AA Game is always fun to watch, because for some it is the first time you get to see your future players in person.  Last night in the individual skills competition the future of Duke was well represented as Ryan Kelly and Mason Plumlee, so far the only Duke commits, showed why Coach K is really excited about them.

6’10” Ryan Kelly was raining threes in the final round of the 3pt competition.  For someone with this much height he has a sweet stroke, that looks like he can spread offenses and create mismatches much like Singler does now.

6’11” Mason Plumlee was absolutely phenomenal in the slam dunk contest.  He was the first contestant that brought the people out of their seats.  At one point he tried to dunk three balls at the same time in what would be one of the most amazing moments in slam dunk history.  However, even with two attempts he couldn’t get it down.  But even so, Mason was electrifying and should of won hands down.  But Steve Smith, of the Carolina Panthers, wouldn’t give the hometown boy a chance.  He undervalued Plumlee twice and so he had to settle for second.  But either way Plumlee showed unbelievable agility and athleticism for his height.  Imagine Brian Zoubek with great footwork and the ability to finish strong at the basket.  This seems to be what Plumlee brings to the table.  Big brother Miles better be working hard this summer, because little brother is could seriously challenge for the starting 5.

Even with only two commits, so far, Duke’s future looks bright with these two players.  There are so many different things that these two players can bring to the table, and even though they are not 270 pounds, having people with height and athletic ability could be exactly what the Duke front court needs.  I am sure you can find the repeat of this event somewhere on ESPN2 today.  Please watch it and try to tell me you’re not excited.