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Marques Bolden Update

Photo: Brian Spurlock-USATSI
Photo: Brian Spurlock-USATSI

This past weekend Marques Bolden took part in the Ball Is Life All-American Game.

During the game he was interviewed and asked about his upcoming college decision.

“Yeah, I’m definitely close,” Bolden said. “I’ll make that decision real soon.”

His original timeline was he wanted to commit (or least decide) by his birthday which was April 17th.

To make matters even more interesting, Andrew Slater of BlueDevilLair.com changed his pick from Duke to Kentucky this past Fri. Well as of yesterday Andrew has changed it back to Duke.

Could that be because Marcus Lee from UK is on the NBA Draft Combine Alternate List?

At this point it’s anyone’s guess where or when he will choose.



  1. Kentucky fan 100

    Man at this rate move him to 2017 recruit list lol!

  2. Kentucky fan 100 – it would be one thing if he was being touted as the next Shaq or something but all of this about a kid that did just OK coming off the bench in the McDonald’s All American game and in the Nike one as well…  and he’ll likely be the fifth option at either school (Giles, Tatum, Allen and Jackson are all getting shots before him at Duke and Monk, Bam, Gabriel and Fox will be ahead of him at UK) leaving him to the garbage buckets and lobs every now and again.

  3. With Jefferson coming back, if he goes do Duke, he’s going to be the back-up center.  If he goes to UK, he’ll have to compete with and “beat out” Isaac Humphries, and Tai Wynyard, who are both “unproven” players, so Marques will have a great shot at earning the starting role.

    In addition, UK needs inside presence/scoring and Duke’s offense is very “perimeter oriented” and Grayson Allen will continue to take a large number of shots per game, so Marques will likely be less of a focus in Duke’s offense vs. UK’s. 

    Plus he can play in front of 24,000 at Rupp vs. 8,500 at Cameron, plus joining the Big Blue Nation is “for life”, so if he comes to Kentucky, he’ll be supported for his entire life by the BBN, KClub, and other alumni groups.

    Marques:  It’s time to choose UK.

  4. Dave Campbell Are you really touting attendance numbers as a reason to choose UK over Duke?  Outside of Lexington, there is not one college basketball fan or player who would consider experiencing a game in Rupp over Cameron.  As for your lineup thoughts, he would actually have to “beat out” Marcus Lee if he chooses to withdraw his name from the NBA and not to mention Bam who is going to garner his fair share of touches.  Most Duke fans do not consider his commitment a do or die scenario as we are going to be loaded either way with experience and youth.  I would absolutely love to see these two teams square off in the tournament  next year as I feel like they’ve just missed each other in recent years.

  5. Dave Campbell – yeah, highly doubtful that arena capacity has been keeping this kid from making up his mind.  

    It’s a bit of a toss up about whether he would play more minutes at one school over the other and his role too.  

    I would expect Jefferson to get the start but the only player on Duke’s roster that has a true post up offense is Jeter and he isn’t taking off the warmups if Bolden goes there (Giles will be great but he’s not a true post player and Jefferson usually starts his offense around the FT line and not on the block.   Duke was perimeter oriented when Okafor was there too as they moved Winslow to the PF and played small ball but Jah got plenty of shots.  Bolden is not Jah but the touches in the paint help the entire offense so he’ll get used a bit for just that.

    At UK, I’m sure he’ll beat out the players you mentioned but he won’t be taking many touches away from Bam–a far better offensive post player.  He also won’t be taking shots ahead of Gabriel or Monk.

    As I said below, whether he goes to Duke or UK, he will be the last option in the line-up.

    And do a little youtube search about past Duke players and what they think of him and their time at Duke–Coach K still keeps up with them…  just look at his present, and past, coaching staff.  Both programs will be with them for life.