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The Latest on Marques Bolden – Possible Announcement Date?

Marques Bolden has still no set a date for an announcement, nor given any indication that he has actually decided where to attend college in the fall.

If you recall, Marcus Lee was officially invited to the NBA Combine which takes place May 11-15. He go through the Combine and will be allowed to work out for teams as well. He has until May 25th to remove his name and return to Kentucky.

For a lot of people, this seems to them to be what is keeping Bolden from deciding and announcing where he wants to go. Duke has, and has had, a scholarship available for him, leading many to believe if he wanted to go to Duke, he would’ve already committed.

If Lee opts to remain in the NBA Draft, that’s one less person to compete against for playing time at Kentucky.

While Bolden does not need to attend any of the summer sessions to play for Duke, the staff does like to get the players in so they can get acclimated to school. It also helps them to begin building bonds with their teammates that will help everyone get up to speed when practice begins in the Fall.

It still looks to be at least a week or two at the earliest until there will be any closure one way or the other. Marcus Lee could go through the combine and be told he will be a second round pick (non-guaranteed contract) or undrafted at all and he decides to return to school. He could also be invited to workouts with individual teams, one of which could tell him they would take him in the first round if he’s available.

For a look at just how up and down a player’s recruitment can be, check out the 247Sports Crystal Ball feature on Marques Bolden:

***UPDATE 5/10***

Bolden’s High School is having an event on Fri. May 20th at 9am in their auditorium called “Battle of the Colleges”


Join us as we honor all Seniors who have committed to attending a college/university, enlisted in the military, or career/certification program. We want to celebrate you for your all your success and decision to further your education.

Could he possibly announce that day or prior? Stay tuned…