Which ACC Road Venue Would You as a Duke Fan Most Like to Attend?

Duke is always the team that gets circled on opposing teams’ schedules every year. Fans mark that game on their calendar as well. I know from my experience of watching Duke play away games in Blacksburg, that it is a big deal when Duke comes to town. ESPN Gameday even came to Blacksburg on a Thursday night (for basketball) once when Duke was scheduled to play there. That game easily brought out the “football crowd” in Blacksburg to watch the Hokies play Duke.

Over the years Duke has helped many colleges sell out their venues when they came to town. Colleges see the $$ signs when Duke is on the schedule. Look at Syracuse who started selling “Beat Duke” t-shirts two months before Duke comes to town there on February 1st. Fans always bring their A-game when Duke comes town as well.

That got us at Duke Report wondering…what ACC Road Venue would you as a Duke fan most like to attend?


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2 Replies to “Which ACC Road Venue Would You as a Duke Fan Most Like to Attend?”

  1. L. Kiser says:

    I’ve never been to the Carrier Dome, and I admire Boeheim, so it would be nice to see the Blue Devils play the Orange there.

  2. Reisa says:

    I picked Syracuse just to see what the carrier dome is all about. Travel would be a pain.

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