Ah Duke, You Shouldn't Have

About a week before Christmas, Duke gave all its fans a wonderful present.  An absolute destruction of Xavier, who at the time was viewed as one of the best teams in the country.  That first half, was some of the best basketball I have seen in a long time.  As I sit here just a couple days till Christmas, all of the aftermath of that victory has come and went.  Duke is back in the top five after the Michigan lose, and we get to celebrate with our families knowing that Duke is playing great basketball.  Duke will play one more time before 2009 becomes official, and then a few days later ACC play finally begins.

It has already been a really fascinating season thus far, and still their are questions.  Last years Duke team was similar to this one, looking strong before ACC play started and still ended as a disappointment.  No matter what Duke does from now until March really won’t matter.  Even if they claim the ACC Championship, which will be a very strong accomplishment, everyone will still be waiting to see what they do come the tournament.

It is a sour way to look at it, but that is what comes with being Duke.  I am going to try to concentrate on each game, and hope for a strong performance night in and night out.  It is still a long way till March, and there could be many great memories prior to it.

Have a happy and safe Holiday season!!!

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