Blue-White Game Observations

I just got back from the Blue-White Game. I had a great time, Cameron was rocking and full of energy. Skeelow and I watched the game together…we got there early and were treated with a little pre-game dunkfest. Before the game, Coach K went the length of the court…slapping fives with the Crazies. He also talked to the crowd for a bit and went over the rules for the game.

This year, instead of one game, they Devils played two 15-minute second halves. The White team won the first 2nd half and the Blue team won the second 2nd half. However, some of the players changed teams after the first game. I came away with several observations:

Greg Pauls may want to watch his back. Nolan Smith was impressive. His defense was solid, he has greatly improved as a ball handling skills, and he can just plain score.

Miles Plumless is bigger than I expected. When I say bigger, I mean thicker. I expected a stick, but this guy will be a force in the paint. I will be surprised if he is not the starting center by the time ACC play picks up. He’s graceful in the post on offense and active in the post on defense. He had numerous shot blocks and looked confident.

Marty Pocius needs playing time. He is instant offense off the bench. I don’t about his defense, his offense will be needed at some point this season. I haven’t checked out the stats yet, but he was one of our leading scorers.

Elliot Williams can dunk. He has unreal ups. While he may only get 15 minutes a night, he is going to be good.

Singler, Henderson, and Scheyer will be our go-to-guys. All were impressive and look to build off of solid seasons last. None of them have missed a step.

Zoubek and McClure were pretty good. Zoubek got some nice easy baskets, while David showed to hustle and fluidity. You can tell he is much healthier this year.

LT was decent. He had a nice outside shot fall for him. Outside of that , he didn’t do too much.

Olek didn’t do anything statiscally. He didn’t play that much and only had one basket. He showed good hustle, but I’m not if he’s going to be in Coach K’s rotation this season.

After the game, Skeelow and I were able to meet and take pictures with Josh Hairston, Tyler Thornton, Mason Plumlee, Marshall Plumlee, and Ryan Kelly.

During the game, Coach K was in the ear of Hairston on more than one occasion…pointing certain things out and stuff like that. I believe his visit was more business than pleasure. He didn’t smile a lot but seemed very introspective.

Ryan Kelly is skinny. I was a bit shocked at how thin he really was.

Marshall, while tall, looks so young. He really seemed to be enjoying all the attention he was getting.

Tyler Thornton is tiny. After the game, while everyone was going up to the Plumlee’s, Kelly, and Hairston, no one realized that he was one of our recruits..he just blended into the crowd….not being 6’10 and all. I was able to talk with him for a bit and he was a very gracious person. He will be a great addition to our team in a couple of years.

All-in-all, it was a great day. The only bad part was hearing that Duke lost to Miami in football. I hope to post some pics and videos in a day or so.

Here are some videos I shot from the game: