Blue-White Game Observations

Having not watched the game, its hard to totally judge ones performance, but the box score looks very telling. Its sorta a good news, bad news situation. The good news is our freshmen scored nearly half of the points, the bad news is they scored nearly half of the points. I guess I shouldn’t complain about who is scoring, but I think this could be a cause of concern.

Some other good news is Gerald Henderson’s performance: 21 points, 3 3-pointers, 4 assists, and 7 rebounds. This is what should be expected of him all season. He has got to become our go to guy.

Brian Zoubek appears to have recovered well from his off-season injury. He ended up with 11 points, and 10 rebounds. The only down side to his play were the 6 fouls. He wasn’t going up against a dominate big man, so he must have had a hard time keeping up with Kyle Singler and Lance Thomas in the post.

Outside of the those two and the freshman, everyone else seems to have just played within the offense. Also, Mary Pocius and David McClure did not play.

I think this is going to be a very interesting, a year with lots of questions that will need to be played out.

Who is going to be our backup PG? Will it be Scheyer or Smith?

What role and/or position will DeMarcus play? My guess is that he will split time between SG, SF, and PF. Heck, he may be our best post player at this point. Either way, we have got to be a running team if we want to succeed.

Will Thomas and Zoubek stay out of foul trouble and become legitimate post players?

Will our freshmen continue to dominate, yet not play inside the offense? They only had a combined 3 assist in the game. Yes they were scoring, but were the other players just siting around and watching?

Ultimately, all questions lead back to the post. Who will be the big man that shuts down the likes of Tyler Hansbrough. My guess it will be post by committee with Singler, Thomas, and McClure leading the charge and Zoubek, King, and Nelson being used as re-enforcements.

My final conclusion and prediction is that Gerlad Henderson will be our go to player and the guy that no team can stop. He will be our MVP and will be in the running for ACC Player of the Year….watch your back Tyler….and your face.

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