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Busy Week Ends On High Note

Duke started the 4 games in 7 days marathon with a tough fought victory over Rhode Island last Sunday.  Mixed in between there was a tournament championship.  They end it all with a nice Sunday afternoon victory that leaves them at 6-0.

Afternoon a quick turnaround from New York, Duke started a little bit slow on offense.  But a slow start would be the only bright light that Montana would see.  The Duke starters pounded them in every way possible.  Many of Duke’s points came off of the turnover from their suffocating defense.  Brian Zoubek was the only Duke starter not in double figures, and he scored 8.

Penetration was the name of the game for Duke as they dominated Montana instead the paint.  Nolan Smith was slashing every time he got the ball, and lead Duke’s offensive onslaught.  When Duke realizes that the majority of their players can get into the lane and if not finish, get fouled, they will be an elite team.  Stop shooting that damn three pointer.  It is not working right now.  And with the improved play of Zoubek and Thomas, who combined for 11 points and 15 rebounds, the slashers should be assured that if need be the glass will get cleaned up.

Since the game was decided early the second string got a lot of playing time.  Elliot Williams had some quality minutes and should some nice moves.  Miles Plumlee was oustanding when he settled down and let the game come to him.

After Kyle Singler started out the season being the go to guy, he has been able to delegate superstar responsible to his teammates.  Nolan looked like the man today, but Henderson quietly equaled him in points and had 7 boards.

Nothing like a little icing on the cake.  Beside the Rhode Island game, Duke has frustrated opponents with their defense and let the offense come off their defense.  So far so good for Duke who will have a well deserved break before another non-conference opponent comes to Cameron.  Duquesne will be here for a afternoon game.  Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!!!