A Cameron Crazie’s Look at the Upcoming Duke Football and Basketball Seasons

shakerDuke Report recently caught up with Shaker Samman or “Blue Man” to ask him about his thoughts about his first year as a Cameron Crazie and what he is looking forward to in his second year.  We have followed his first year at Duke being a Cameron Crazie.  You can find our first article at the link here where we interviewed Shaker at the beginning of the season.

A few days before the UNC game, Shaker gave us an inside look at at K-ville and tenting for the UNC game.  You can find that article here.

With Duke Football coming off winning the ACC Atlantic and Duke Basketball having a new look to the team, Shaker is now giving us his thoughts about the upcoming season.

DR:  What three things will you remember most from your first year as a Cameron Crazie at Duke?

SS:  Looking back, if I had to give you my top 3 moments from my freshman year, they’d have to be the following.

First off, the Syracuse game at home. It was incredible. My group had slept outside for seven days, making us the sixth ones inside, which put us in the first row, directly across from the opposing bench, and immediately behind Mr. Michael Wilbon. His reaction to Jim Boeheim’s ejection was better than anyones. He just turned to us and said, “wow,” and then proceeded to lose his mind.

Also on the list was the home football game against Miami. That game catapulted us into the national spotlight, proving that the win over Virginia Tech on the road wasn’t a fluke. I was lucky enough to watch the game from the first row, and thus was one of the first people over the wall and on the field after the final whistle. I high fived President Broadhead as I sprinted through.

Lastly, I’d have to say the win at home of North Carolina. After weeks of tenting, I and my tent made it inside for the Carolina game, and it was one of the most amazing games I’d ever experienced. The atmosphere was electric, and there’s nothing quite like a good GTHC chant to get a crowd going.

DR:  What would you do differently this year?

SS:  I’m not entirely sure what I’d do different, to be honest. I’d probably go out and watch more Duke soccer, and tennis, as I’m a big fan of both sports. I’d also maybe try to go to some of the away football games, if they’re not too far away.

DR:  What are you looking forward to the most this year?

SS:  I’m really looking forward to Countdown to Craziness, and getting the chance to see the new superstar freshmen first hand. We haven’t had a big man since Elton Brand, so having someone in the post like Jahlil Okafor is exciting. I’m also really excited for the first football game of the year against Elon. It’ll be our first chance to see how this team responds to having a national spotlight.

DR:  What is Cutsboro?   How did it all begin?  What should fans expect to see?

SS:  Cutsboro, is essentially, a Kville for football, but with a twist. Founded by Claire Morton, Eric Stach, me, and many others, Cutsboro is the home for Duke football fans. Our goal is to hype up the campus for Duke football, and among other things, get more people to come to games.

We started last year before the spring game, when we tented out as a group next to Wallace Wade stadium. This year will still see some tents in the early games, but that isn’t our main goal.

We’ve got some big plans that aren’t ready to be announced to the public yet, but they’ll be sure to make a splash when they are.

DR:  What football games are you looking forward to most?

SS:  Oh, the Thursday night game against UNC on November 20th. The Coastal Division could be on the line, and I can’t wait to be in Wallace Wade to see it all unfold.

DR: What basketball games are you looking forward to most?

SS: Apart from the UNC game, I’d have to say the home & away with Syracuse, or the game at Louisville. Both programs are top class, and they should be good tests for the team.

DR: With the recent history of Duke playing Louisville, do you think Louisville will become a rival for Duke in the ACC?

SS: I think calling anyone outside of UNC, or Maryland our “rivals” is kind of outlandish, to be honest. Syracuse is a great team, but people are starting to call them a rival, and that just doesn’t make much sense. Syracuse is rivals with Georgetown. Louisville is rivals with Kentucky. You can dislike another team, as I do to Cuse, or Ohio State, among others, but that doesn’t make them a rival.

So to answer your question, no, I don’t see the birds becoming a rival of ours. I do think, however, that we could see some historic matchups between the two teams that determine the outcome of the conference.

DR: Will Carolina “Go to Hell” this year?

SS: Absolutely

You can follow Shaker on Twitter at @ShakerSamman.

You can follow Freddie on Twitter @Skeelow22 or his blog at: skeelowdukefan.com.

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