Coach K Pitt Postgame Quotes

Coach K | Photo: ACC Photography

Opening Statement:
“We won a heck of a game. I thought both teams really played hard. Their kid (Au’diese) Toney really had an unbelievable game. They are very athletic, strong, and in that like 11 to four minute mark in the second half we looked like we were tired and we weren’t as aggressive and there’s a lot of game pressure on our kids and then the last four minutes they were magnificent, which says a lot about the character of our guys. Vernon (Carey Jr.), we got him the ball and he responded, and he actually got 17 shots, which it’s been tough to get him shots but stuff that he’s been working on and we’ve been working on paid off in that week. The leadership of Tre (Jones), Jack (White) coming off and playing not only the second big but on the perimeter to give us, Cassius (Stanley) in foul trouble, their perimeter became more athletic, more physical. We haven’t had a lineup with Jack, Matt (Hurt), and Vernon in very much, but that lineup helped us in the first half. So just try to keep doing different things and using Tre as our leader and just really proud of my guys, I would hope that Jeff (Capel) is proud of his guys. It was a really good basketball game.”

On how the team changed when Pitt was three points away:
“We just stopped being strong, like we were hoping shots would go in. Sometimes when you get tired, it’s that ebb and flow. It’s what makes human beings human beings. Sometimes the other guy’s just better, and then you hope that at a timeout, at a timeout we called a little punch action that we executed, got it to Vernon and then we executed, I think we had an 11-2 run, we really executed well, but that’s just going to happen. Other teams aren’t going to lie down and die, and thank goodness we did not in those last four minutes.”

On what the team did to take Pitt out of the 2-3 zone:
“I don’t know if we did something special, their main defense is man, they had some success with the 2-3 zone, we had a little bit of success against it. I think at the end of the day Jeff knows that for his team to win, they play man, and they did, they played it well, and it’s not like anyone just beat the other team, we won, but they played well, they played very well.”

On Jeff Capel:
“I love Jeff. Jeff is my son, man. We’re part of a brotherhood. Playing against him is very difficult. I don’t like it.”

On what Kobe Bryant and remembering him at this game meant:
“The lastcouple days have been really emotional. Look, Kobe was one of my players. Icoached him on three teams, he was my leader. We had special moments, private and public. He was amazing with my grandkids. The grandson on our team (Michael Savarino), his nickname is Mamba because he met him in Beijing, and he would go to my granddaughters and ‘Hi princess’ and kiss their hand. We have a picture of my grandson, Quin, with Kobe with a gold medal and Gigi all together. My wife and my daughters have been sharing pictures. Mickie had an unbelievable relationship with Kobe, so it’s been bad, it’s been bad, and I have been very emotional about it, not publicly, but for the others involved too, are you kidding me? Nine people, horrific, so very tragic. Kobe was the key guy in building the continuity of culture for those 11 years that I coached. His relationship with Lebron (James) was the key. Those two guys were magnificent together, that’s why I’m sure Lebron is going through a lot, quite a bit. They were the foundation and everything else was built on the relationship that those two guys developed, and they allowed me to help in that a little bit, but also then to coach it. Those are moments in time. Those moments don’t happen for everybody. Those five championships, those two Olympics, those are moments in time, and all those guys involved and the coaches and the families recognize that.”

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