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DeCourcy's article about Coach K, Team USA, and Duke unfair

Mike DeCourcy, who writes for The Sporting News, recently wrote an article talking about how Coach K’s experience with Team USA hasn’t benefited Duke much.  While looking at the last two seasons as the basis for his argument you might agree.  However, last season was a great success, besides the bad run down the stretch.  And besides that the future of Duke basketball is looking very bright.  DeCourcy also mentions the transfer of Taylor King, but fails to mention how this opened a scholarship for Miles Plumlee who committed as soon as his release from Stanford was final.  Duke not only has a solid class coming in but 2009 and 2010 could be monster classes for Duke.

DeCourcy’s writing just goes to show how the sports journalism world loves to beat down a team before giving them a fair shake.  He also writes that Duke no longer expects recruits to come, but fans get overexcited about a commitment.  I was curious when Duke fans never applauded landing a future star.  Apparently, being an elite team means you can’t be excited for whats happening with the future.

Like I said earlier, DeCourcy says a few things about the last two seasons, and the lack of postseason success.  He then goes straight the a little Team USA bashing.

Another bush league article by a journalist who can’t see the big picture.