Duke holds off Clemson, gets eighth ACC win

In the first half Duke tore apart Clemson. However, Clemson was able to get on a run on the second half that got them to just a single digit deficit. But the first half dismantling, and Duke’s ability to make big shots kept Clemson just far enough away for Duke to get their second road win in a row, third win in a row altogether.

The first half, and the second half were almost complete opposites. Duke looked to be in total control and took any energy out of the building. But missing shots, and making a few careless plays put Clemson right back into it. Duke was able to settle down, and realize that they were always in control. This allowed Duke to go on a mini run late in the second half, to get the lead back up to eleven. Clemson would make a few pushes, but the big time players for Duke were able to come up in big ways. Scheyer hit two threes, and four free throws that clinched the game. McClure was able to get his usual key rebounds. And even McRoberts got a late lay-up (usual he misses these) that took the air out of Clemson.

Jon Scheyer quietly was the leading scorer of the game. He had one of his most efficient shooting nights of the year, going 5-6 from the field, 3-3 from 3, and 5-5 from the free throw line. He also added 6 rebounds.

DeMarcus Nelson had a big first half. He played great defense on Vernon Hamilton, essentially shutting him down. And on the offensive end he was a big reason why Duke was able to have the big lead of half time. In the second half, he wasn’t as big of factor, but still managed to have a big game with 16 points and 6 rebounds.

Greg Paulus looked better live than it did in the stat sheet. He had a good game offensively scoring 14 points, and continuing his good shooting. He had a solid 6 assists, but the glaring problem was turnovers. He committed 9 turnovers. Obviously it didn’t affect the outcome, but Paulus needs to limit this area if Duke wants to keep winning. Even though he turned the ball over too much, Paulus had some unbelievable passes in the first half, which were some of the best I have seen him make since he arrived at Duke.

Jon Scheyer

Like I stated earlier, Scheyer was quietly the best player of the floor. And those two threes late in the game gave Duke the lift they needed to close this game out. Scheyer is one of the best freshmen in the ACC. And I think he is one of the most underrated freshmen in the country.

Another great team effort by Duke, and much like the BC game the Duke’s first half lead was too much for the other team to overcome. Duke showed tremendous determination, and the true will to win. That is something that is coming out in this team in the last three games. They refuse to lose, and will not be denied the opportunity to be great.

This win guarantees Duke a .500 finish in the ACC. But this team isn’t done winning, and they will try to keep the winning streak going when they travel to Madison Square Garden on Sunday to play Saint John’s.

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3 Replies to “Duke holds off Clemson, gets eighth ACC win”

  1. BleedDukeBlue says:

    Good summary Slim. Now if we can just put together 2 halves like the 1st one in this game, we’re going to be tough to beat.

  2. Jim O. says:

    Scheyer played a great all-round game. His defense still impresses me. The only thing he really needs to improve in his game is going to the basket strong. Besides that, there really are no flaws.

  3. slimtim says:

    The thing about Scheyer is that we know he can drive to the basket. He definitely showed it in high school, and a few times this year. Once he is able to combine shooting, and penetration he will be hard to stop.

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