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Duke Holds Off Pesky Curry

At the beginning of the second half, Duke was on its way to a blow out victory against Davidson.  Steph Curry had been held in check, and the offense was on a roll.  Then Duke forgot that 10 minutes left is not the same as 0 minutes left.  Duke let Curry and Davidson get away with whatever they wanted on offense.  And Duke’s couldn’t manage to come up with any kind of offense.  Smith and Henderson were forcing shots, and Singler and Scheyer couldn’t figure out how to score.

In the end, the lead that Duke had was too much for a one man team to overcome.  Curry tried his damnest, but Duke made a few shots in the last couple of minutes and Duke walks away with another non-conference home win.

I wanted to talk about a few things.  First, Duke’s first half defense was unbelievable and forced Curry to turnover the ball multiple times, and never let him get a good shot.  He shot 1-8 from beyond the arc, which is shows how good this defense can be.  However, Duke found it hard to capitalize early, and until their run in the late first half in the early second half, were letting Davidson stay in the game.

I was really happy to see Duke not try to shot their way out of the slump in the second.  They were trying to run an offense instead of just throwing up threes.  That really means a lot, because there will be times when this team won’t be able to score.  When that happens you don’t just want to give the other team the ball after a bad three point attempt, five seconds into the shot clock.

The officiating was horrible at the beginning of the game.  Charging calls and traveling calls every single possession for both teams.  At one point you couldn’t drive into the lane without the fear of the whistle being called against you.  It got better in the second and didn’t affect the game.

Tirico, Van Gundy, and Jackson did a fantastic job announcing.  Maybe it is because I don’t hear them that much but it was refreshing to hear new voices.  And their opinions on the college game were really insightful.  Besides Joe Buck, I think Tirico is one of the best play by play men in the game.  He kept the conversation going, and it was good conversation at that.  They did talk about Curry and his NBA future quite a bit, but they didn’t make it all about him.  Hopefully we can get more of this in the future.

Scheyer wins POTG honors over Singler because of shooting percentage, but both gave 100% like always.  This is their team, it just depends which one wants to go off that night.  I am officially announcing that I have a huge man-crush on Jon Scheyer.  I am comfortable saying that.