Duke's Great Season Comes To A Screeching Halt

Duke was finally back where they belonged, the Sweet Sixteen.  Blue Devil fans were riding high all the way up to the late tip off.  And then it all fell apart.  Villanova simply took apart Duke in every single possession.  It didn’t help that every time Duke got a good shot up it didn’t go in.  It has been a long time since I have seen a team that really couldn’t “buy a basket”.  And this just led to about every other bad thing that happened.  The lose was an embarrassing end, to what was a terrific season.

Not to take away anything from Villanova, but the story of the night was Duke’s Big Three going a combined 9-45.  Not even half of these were forced shots in my opinion.  Just shots that couldn’t find the bottom of the rim.  It is hard not to throw your hands in the air when nothing seems to be going your way.

Gerald Henderson seemed to be the one suffering the most.  He was the one that was supposed to put Duke on his back.  1-14 is far from that.  Gerald looked more frustrated than anybody, and probably shouldered the blame for the lose.

In the end Duke fails to reach the Elite 8 again.  Not since 2004 have they been there.  Now Duke is left to figure out how to get back to what this team and its fans so desperately want and need.  Who knows what this off-season holds for Duke.  Gerald’s NBA aspirations, recruiting, player improvement.  They will all be the focus of Duke and its fan base.

Good luck to Greg, David, and Marty.  Congratulations to Duke on a really great season.  30-7 with a ACC Championship and Sweet Sixteen appearance, means that things are getting better if you consider the last two years.    Thank you for the memories, and here’s to next season.  As a fan, after your team loses, that is what you have.  Next season.


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