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Gregg Doyel wants to make amends

I am sure by now all of Duke nation has seen the article by Gregg Doyel.  In it Doyel talks about how his love for USA basketball far exceeds his hatred of Coach K, and if the USA bring home the gold all will be forgiven.  All Duke fans know what a pain in the ass Doyel has been since his book deal about Duke and Coach K went south.  Doyel says that it was Coach K himself that “torpedoed” his book deal.

At first I was laughing, thinking how Coach K might be reading the article and saying to himself, finally Gregg will forgive me.  Even though, this is the probably the farthest thing from the truth, it will be a relieve to know that at least one anti-Duke journalist will be off the “list”.  But it also got me thinking.  If team USA wins gold, will more people take a liking towards Coach K and Duke.

Not that Duke fans care what anyone thinks about our favorite program.  But it will be a welcome change to see less articles about the so-called cancer to college basketball, Duke.

Think about it, if Gregg Doyel can let “bygones be bygones”, then maybe other people can too.